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Infinite cache

All pages always in the cache

It is best to always have all pages cached, but that is not the reality. The content of your pages is cached for a limited time on the first visit and with every page or website modification your cache is completely emptied, so you have to wait until the page is visited again. In practice, therefore, it is often the case that only the most frequently visited page is cached, with which you leave out a lot of performance, conversion and user experience.

This is what Infinite Cache completely solves, because it automatically ensures that all pages in your website or webshop are cached non-stop. Because of this, loading times are always extremely fast and you enjoy endless and always all the benefits of caching. This tool is always advisable, but highly recommended when you advertise, have a webshop or manage a website with a lot of content. The benefits of Infinite Cache pay off directly in SEO, click prices and conversion.

How does Infinite Cache work?

Infinite Cache is a premium function that is activated at the server level in your preferred domain. This function activates a crawler robot on the server, which ensures that all your web pages are always automatically stored in the working memory of the server, even when they are not visited or visited less often. The result is always the fastest loading times for all your pages, which is a big advantage in terms of search engine optimization, conversion, user experience and click price.


Infinite Cache Regular cache No cache
When in the cache Always After page visit Never cached
Which pages in cache All pages (automatic) Recently visited No
Loading time and SEO High All pages automatically Recently visited pages
Crawler functionality
Caching based on sitemap
Suitability for many pages
Caching of frequently visited pages Yes Sometimes Not
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Infinite Cache work automatically?

Yes. We activate this after ordering at the server level for the website and your preferred domain name, within the installation of your website (WordPress, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Magento, Joomla or Drupal). We also set up a cron job and make a change to your website settings, so that everything is automatically arranged in the background without you having to impose it yourself or do anything about it.

Can I view the status of Infinite Cache?

Yes, we activate a dashboard function in your plugin, where you can see the status of the caching and which pages are being actively crawled. This process requires no knowledge and runs automatically.

Which pages are crawled?

By default we set the site map of your website to be used for the list of pages, in order of importance. Alternatively, you can indicate which set of pages you want to crawl specifically, so that we set that for you during the installation. We can set your exact preference in this.

What if my webshop has extremely many pages?

If you have a webshop with thousands of products and / or many product variables, it may be that there is not enough time in a day for all pages to be requested by the crawler. In that case, the most important pages are automatically visited, which are processed based on the page priority in the site's Sitemap. There is no limit to the number of pages that we store in your page, making Infinite Cache also very interesting when you have a lot of content or pages.

Does the crawler need to be updated?

No, the function works similar to a robot that automatically visits all your pages based on your sitemap. You do not need to perform separate updates for this, as it works as part of the LiteSpeed caching plugin.

How long does the installation take?

We do the installation within one working day. However, if you place your order on business days before noon, we will arrange the installation for you the same day.