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Google G Suite

Use the handy Google tools.

What is Google G Suite?

Google G Suite, is professional email, online storage, shared calendars, video meetings and more. G Suite is a cloud-based productivity package for your business that helps you get the job done from anywhere and on any device. It offers a full suite of tools that allow you and your colleagues to work wherever you need to. Made for businesses, designed for teams.

What is Google G Suite?

Google G Suite, formerly known as Google for Work, is Professional email, online storage, shared calendars, video meetings and more. G Suite is a cloud-based productivity package for your company that helps you get the job done from anywhere and from any device. It offers a complete package of tools that ensures that you and your colleagues can work wherever needed. Made for companies, designed for teams.

google g suite

Everything you need to work on the move

Enjoy a consistent experience from your computer, tablet or phone. Make a draft for a proposal in Docs at the office, review it on the train, and make the latest adjustments from your phone, just before the meeting. Get more out of your workday.

Google G Suite gives priority to safety

Focus on what's important. G Suite encrypts all your data and they are therefore very secure. G Suite also complies with EU privacy legislation, G Suite offers your company or organization model contract provisions according to EU guidelines. Security and privacy are paramount at G Suite, keeping your data safe in the cloud has the highest priority.

Why Google G Suite?

Always. Everywhere

All your work is automatically stored in the cloud. You and your colleagues have access to all e-mails, documents and appointments, regardless of where you are or which device you use. This allows you to work much more productively.


Because everything is in the cloud, you never lose anything. You are the manager of all your documents and you can share them with everyone at any time. Google guarantees that you can access your data anywhere and that you are the only one who can (unless you actively share your data).

Easy and online

You will never have to install software to manage your e-mails, agenda or office programs. All you need is an internet browser. Google provides the updates for optimum functionality so that you can focus on what you are good at.

Prices and licenses

The various license types below, per user per month.

Monthly price
(decrease per month)
Monthly price
(decrease per year)
Annual price
(decrease per year)
G Suite Basic
Office in the cloud with 30Gb storage
6,- 5,- 60,- To order
G Suite Business
Office in the cloud with unlimited storage and backups.
12,- 10,- 120,- To order
Get started right away or need help with your choice?

Why Hoasted for your Google G Suite?


Hoasted is a certified partner of Google. This means that we have all the required knowledge and experience to help you with setting up and managing your Google Apps, we have been chosen by Google to offer their services.


Hoasted takes care of setting up your account. We have years of experience in migrating emails and documents to the cloud. You don't have to worry about anything.


If you have any questions or problems, or just forgot your password, we are always there to help you help out.

More productive meetings

Schedule events in the Calendar at times when everyone can. Receive reminders for meetings directly in your Gmail inbox. Participate in a video meeting via Hangouts with one click and share your slides to discuss them as a team. Less preparation, fewer next steps.