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Frequently asked questions

Below the frequently asked questions and answers on the Hoasted Reseller Program.

Am I stuck to a contract?

No, we do not have contracts or unclear terms. You take a package per month and you can cancel any moment. No hidden costs or fine print.

Are server management and licences included in the price?

Yes, completely. For the prices as mentioned in this document, you have got full reseller hosting, including all tools and technology as mentioned on our ‘technology’ page. You do not have to do any maintenance for the servers or server software, we do that completely for you.

What if I want more than 80 accounts?

In case you already got a Reseller 5 plan, you can still keep upgrading. We add extra plans with 20 accounts for €24,95 per month. In that way you can activate a Reseller 5 with 40 extra accounts (100 accounts in total) for €154,90 per month.

How much is the default memory in a cPanel account?

Default a cPanel account gets 512Mb of memory. You can however join several cPanel accounts together to maximum 16Gb of memory on one individual cPanel account within your Reseller package.

When can I upgrade or downgrade?

You can change package every month.

Am I protected against malware, IP blacklisting and spam?

Yes! We use premium security tools like Patchman, Virustotal, Sucuri and SpamExperts, which minimise the risks to a minimum or even exclude risks. In that way IP blacklisting is not possible and WordPress security leaks are patched automatically on the line level.

Can I install specific software on my reseller package?

Sure you can! If you want to add modules like oAuth, GIT, SOAP or Node Package manager on your reseller account, that is no problem at all. Dependent on your wishes we take a look how we can add the desired module to your reseller account and we like to help you with it. From PHP 5.3 up to the newest versions (incl. 7.2) to all options like SOAP and Memcached.

Do you offer white-label solutions?

Yes! Default many whitelabel options are already included, so your customers don’t see any Hoasted branding any more. As of Reseller 4 we optionally set up more custom whitelabel functions for you, so you can have as much of your own brand possible in your hosting packages, name servers and other infrastructure.

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