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When you are working with larger numbers of websites, it may be interesting to buy a reseller plan instead of single plans.

The core of our reseller range consists of the services we offer internet entrepreneurs regarding ​​hosting. With the reseller hosting program from Hoasted you have the opportunity to purchase multiple web hosting packages in bulk, and to manage and resell them under your own name. The more packages you sell, the higher the discount. You determine your own selling price.

Each package comes with the extensive possibilities that are also part of the regular shared hosting: malware protection, twice daily backup and restore and Installatron. We provide software updates and new features, in most cases this is a better solution than having a VPS independently.

With a reseller plan you will have more control over your own websites and your customers websites. Get to work with the reseller program today and sell hosting to your customers.

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Benefits for resellers.

Sell hosting to your customers


If you are serious about your business, you’re always looking for improvement. You want high quality and professionalism in product and service. At Hoasted we seek only the best. We strongly believe in growing together and therefore do our utmost to provide you what you’re looking for on a daily basis: enterprise-level infrastructure with great proactive service. Everything you need to exceed the expectations of your customers.


WHM account

The reseller plans from Hoasted are the ideal solution for small and large companies. All our systems are very advanced and highly scalable in order to meet your requirements. A reseller package includes an WHM (Web Host Manager) account, allowing you to create cPanel accounts. This allows you to create a package without the need to create a separate order or customer account. This is especially interesting for companies that prefer to charge customers a hosting fee and carry out support for customers themselves.


Not least because you, as a reseller of webhosting, can get to work as a professional hosting provider immediately, without restrictions or concessions regarding the possibilities.

You decide how you sell your web hosting to your customers and under what conditions. the only thing Hoasted does is provide you with professional hosting facilities and set up a user-friendly management environment in which you can build your own plans and the amount of disk space your customers can use.

We offer you the opportunity to use your own name servers, and to add your own branding to cPanel accounts (from Reseller 4). Moreover, you can use webmail under your own domain and design.

Reseller packages

We offer various reseller packages at different levels and sizes. All packages are provided with unlimited and free SSL certificates and from Reseller 3 we offer whitelabeling.

Reseller 1 Reseller 2 Reseller 3 Reseller 4 Reseller 5
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SSD storage 50GB 80GB 120GB 200GB 300GB
Number of cPanel accounts 5 10 20 40 80
WHM/cPanel access included Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to LiteSpeed or Varnish functionality Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Account snapshots / backups included at hourly intervals Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SSL unlimited included Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access PRO tool for email migration Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access PRO tool for SSL monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to whitelabel tutorials Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to whitelabel general conditions and Data Processor Agreement Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic SSH key set up new accounts No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Own nameservers No No Yes Yes Yes
Whitelabel & custom logo No No Yes Yes Yes
Custom account index page + subdomain No No No Yes Yes
Dedicated IP adress included No No No Yes Yes
Price per month €19,95 €34,95 €49,95 €79,95 €129,95
Order Order Order Order Order

Unlimited expandable
In case you already got a Reseller 5 plan, you can still keep upgrading. We add extra plans with 20 accounts for €29,95 per month. In that way you can activate a Reseller 5 with 20 extra accounts (100 accounts in total) for €159,90 per month.

We help you grow your business

As a Hoasted reseller you can grow, scale up, and develop even faster. We are your extremely reliable partner and we’ll always make time for you. We help you do your job as efficiently and effectively as possible, using our tools, scripts and tips.

Do things faster

  • Create cPanel accounts yourself
  • SSH access on all accounts
  • Automatically import websites
  • Are you stuck? We make time for you
  • Install SSL in one click
  • Login to accounts in one click

Learn new things

  • Secure your websites maximally
  • Migrate website and email professionally
  • We’ll explain everything to you
  • Use our tools and scripts
  • Got stuck? We make time for you

Save money

  • Buy hosting in bulk
  • Divide your resources per account
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Free themes and plugins
  • Resell partner services
  • Discount on other services
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Our technical partners

One step ahead in terms of services through strategic partnerships. Read here all details on our technology, infrastructure design and partners.

Ready to join?

Joining the Hoasted reseller program is completely free, there are no membership fees or obligations. If you are a designer, developer or an entrepreneur and you want to sell hosting products to your customers, you can join. We believe that if we help you grow by providing the best service and support, we can grow together. We look forward to your application and any questions!

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