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Request free non-binding benchmark

Curious what impact our hosting has on your website? Let us do a free and non-binding benchmark for you! We make a copy of your current website and optimise it for our servers. In case we won’t convince you, you can decide without caveats not to accept our offer.

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Frequently asked questions

What will we do with a benchmark?

First we measure how fast your website is currently. Then we will put a copy of your website on our servers, then we carry out a basic optimisation and send the result in a handy summary to you. You can easily notice how much faster your website will be on our servers.

How do we measure the result?

For this purpose we use three tools:  Pingdom, GT Metrix and Webpagetest. These tools are designed to measure the speed of your website and give a useful overview of eventual things to be improved.

What can you expect?

A faster website! Dependent on how your website is coded, we reach an average speed score of 90+ in the above mentioned tests, thanks to our fast servers and excellent caching options.

What is it we need you to give us?

A copy of your website and database. You can send it as a zip file or mail us the FTP settings, so we can download it ourselves. We don’t change files on your server, we just make a copy.

How long does it take to have a benchmark performed?

In general we can perform a benchmark the same day or the next day. For very complex websites we might need more time to optimise the website well, but never more than three working days.

Are there any costs involved?

No! Our benchmarks are completely free. In case we can’t convince you, you can decide not to accept our offer, without caveats. We will then remove the website copy we got from you.

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Searching for custom hosting?

Do you need more than one account, or are you searching a special set up for your business? We understand that! Let us make a custom made proposal that exactly meets your wishes.

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