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Compare partner programs

If you are unsure about which program fits bet to you, take a look at the below comparison table.

Affiliate program Reseller program
Direct customers to Hoasted. Sell hosting yourself.
Add new customers
Creating hosting plans yourself quickly    
Order services on credit    
Discounts or earnings
Bulk discount on domain names    
Returning hosting affiliate commission    
Partner services discount    
Customer management
Access to cPanel customers using client dashboard using WHM account
Invoicing to the end customer to reseller
Move websites
Incoming website migrations 1x free website migration per end customer Bulk discount
on migration service
Whitelabel cPanel    
Whitelabel webmail    
Phone support (by appointment)    
Populare WordPress and WooCommerce plugins    
Hoasted tools and plugins    
Expert Reseller support    
Support questions end customers Directly toHoasted support To reseller
Pro manuals and templates    
cPanel options
Own Installatron templates depending on hosting package all options

Reseller programma

Affiliate programma