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Do you help me as well with sales and marketing?

Sure! We have got a lot of sales material available, with which you can easily adapt the Hoasted branding to your own logo. With that you can send professional brochures, newsletters or sales emails to your customers, totally in your own branding.

What are the terms for an affiliate set up?

We can give you an affiliate fee for the orders you give us. For that your customer has to get an own Hoasted customer account and the invoices in that account should not be paid by you (as affiliate).

Is there also a compensation on my own products?

No. You will however as Hoasted partner get access to many partner-only benefits. Thanks to this you get many services for a reduced amount.

Do I as an affiliate get access to partner prices?

Yes. In that way you can buy transfers, optimalisation and other services and things much cheaper. We can for example do this for your customer, but send the invoice to you. In that way you can put a margin on the services.

Will I have access to the Coding Service as a partner?

Yes. Just like Resellers, we also offer Affiliate partners the possibility to have coding services tasks being done on payment per hour base. You can sell these services to your customers and we will carry out these for you. The only requirement is that the website is hosted within the Hoasted Platform.