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Affiliate program

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With the Hoasted affiliate program you are able to refer customers to Hoasted for hosting, domain names, and other hosting related services.

The big advantage is that you can manage the services of your clients from your own account, while the account is under the name of your client. This way you do not have to worry about administration, and your customer can also contact Hoasted support.

Moreover, when you’re a partner we offer you the opportunity to buy on credit. This allows you to purchase hosting products or services for your customers. We’ll take care of the administration for your customers and you can get to work.

For referring customers to Hoasted we give you an annual commission of 15% on all hosting facilities and services your customer purchases from Hoasted. This includes shared hosting, WordPress hosting and servers. In addition, we also offer numerous services, with 50% partner discount.

With the Hoasted affiliate program you can refer your customers to Hoasted, hassle-free, while you can easily manage them from your own account.

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Benefits for affiliates.

Save time and make money with the referal of customers.


If you are serious about your business, you’re always looking for improvement. You want high quality and professionalism in product and service. At Hoasted we seek only the best. We strongly believe in growing together and therefore do our utmost to provide you what you’re looking for on a daily basis: enterprise-level infrastructure with great proactive service. Everything you need to exceed the expectations of your customers.

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Manage all your accounts from one place

As a reseller and affiliate you have one account from which you can manage all your customers. Login without saving additional passwords and manage web sites and infrastructure of your customers in an instant. Simple, safe and extremely time-saving.

Extra income

All customers you refer will make you money! You will receive a 15% commission on the hosting they pay, every year! With the handy affiliate dashboard you get your own link, in which all statistics are kept. All clicks and orders via this link are automatically linked to your account.

Plans on credit

No more need to pay for a customer in advance, or wait until your client has the opportunity to order.

You will receive personal links you can use to create new plans under the name of your client. They are active immediately, and we arrange the payment with your customer later.

We help you grow your business

As a Hoasted affiliate you can grow, scale up, and develop even faster. We are your extremely reliable partner and always take time for you. We help you to work as efficient and effective as possible, thanks to our tools, scripts and tips.

Do things faster

  • Auto login to your customer accounts
  • Let us migrate new customers for you
  • Are you stuck? We’re happy to help
  • We automatically make backups for you
  • Compress all your images
  • Install SSL with one click

Learn new things

  • Make your websites the fastest
  • Maximum protect your websites
  • Transfer website and email professionally
  • We’ll explain everything
  • Use our tools and scripts
  • Got stuck? We make time for you

Earn more

  • 15% commission on hosting
  • Free themes and plugins
  • Free developer account
  • Resell Partner Services
  • Discount on other services
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Our technical partners

One step further in terms of services through strategic partnerships.

Ready to join?

Joining the Hoasted affiliate program is completely free, there are no membership fees. If you are a designer, developer or an entrepreneur and you can sell our products to your customers, you can join. We believe that if we help you grow by providing the best service and support for you and your customers, we can grow together. We look forward to your application.

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