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About our partner programs

As a designer, developer, small hosting party or agency you may have more than a few websites and domains under your management. For this purpose, Hoasted offers two partner programs to ensure that we can offer you what you need. Nice benefits and opportunities to do your job faster, better and cheaper. Depending on your needs and the size of your business, you can choose between the affiliate or reseller program. Each with its own advantages, features and setup.

refer customers to hoasted


Refer customers to Hoasted and manage them from your account.
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sell hosting to your customers


Sell hosting to your customers. Hosting with all benefits from your own VPS.
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Time-saving tools

As a web designer or developer you have special needs and requirements when it comes to features and settings. We have developed those, and made them available specifically for our partners.

SSH access

Shell access on all your customers accounts

GIT ready

Made to work with tools such as Github.

Cloudflare Railgun network optimizer

Serve websites worldwide, very fast

WordPress management dashboard

Manage all WordPress websites from one place

Htaccess toolkit

Get the most out of htaccess with our scripts

Transfer scripts

For manual as well as automatic transfers

Image compression tool

Compress images without compromising quality

Backups are no longer required

We make several full backups of your accounts, we also give you full access. With the various backup and restore tools we offer you the opportunity to even replace individual files or databases.

Fully customize PHP properties

As a developer you want to decide how to configure your account when it comes to PHP. This is no problem with Hoasted, as we give you full access to the settings. Configure the way you want, to get the most out of your application.

Transfer websites professionally

Whether it is to import a website, application or installation of another account or server, with our tools you can move your sites quickly and professionally. Without downtime.



You probably already experienced this. A problem with your website and you have no idea how to solve it. Whether it's something with CSS, HTML or PHP, it can all be very frustrating. Stop worrying, as Hoasted partner, we assist you. Our partner support goes beyond ordinary support. We find a solution for your problem or challenge, even if we have to search your WordPress code to find it. As of now, there is no web problem that is really a problem. You can offer customers more, because we assist you.

Register as a partner

Register as Hoasted partner, free of charge

If you are a designer, developer or an entrepreneur, and you can sell our products to your customers, you can take part. Choose affiliate if you want to refer customers, and choose reseller if you want to sell hosting. Joining is free, no strings attached.


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