We give you access to set things up yourself

We offer you something that is unusual in this industry: empowered hosting. We want you to get things done. You do not like limitations and want to be able to set and adjust things to your needs.

Our infrastructure is set up so that you can run your project the smoothest. But if you want to change settings, you can do that with us. Without first contacting our support.

We do not give away 'free' domains and then take them hostage, as with other companies. We want you to be able to change all settings yourself. You are the owner, you are in control and you decide. But if you need help or advice, we are there for you.

Special configuration? No problem with us.

You have complete control

Control over your account, without limitations

  • Set DNS records without restrictions
  • One-click installations
  • Change MX records
  • SSH / Shell access
  • Unlimited subdomains and redirects
  • Change in memory limit
  • Fully customizable php.ini
  • Webmail
  • Unlimited FTP accounts
  • FTP accounts for individual folders

Control over your account, without limitations

What is worse than having to contact customer service to change a setting in your hosting account? We trust you with all settings, and let you decide what you want to include in your control panel. This includes DNS records, domains and subdomains, PHP versions and settings for the mail server.
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