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Infrastructure built for performance

Your visitors are impatient. And if your site is slow, they’ll take their business elsewhere. With us you get performance that makes your site to up 600% faster. The new industry standard.

We make sure you are always ready for high traffic demands, new markets and unforeseen conditions. We do this by the use of superior technology and infrastructure that can scale according to your needs.

We serve our customers only the best. We deliver extreme loading speeds by using the latest caching technology and servers equipped with the latest software. All our data is served from blazing fast SSD harddisks and enterprise servers equipped with the fastest gigabit connections. That includes really fast international loading speeds via our built-in CDN.

Every customers benefits from the same reliable, efficient and secure infrastructure. Really fast, really scalable, really secure.

Every customer enjoys the benefits of the same reliable, efficient and secure infrastructure. Really fast, really scalable, really secure.

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Top notch architecture

Lightning fast enterprise performance

  • Easy to use control panel
  • SSD only cloud
  • Multi layer caching
  • Guaranteed resources
  • Fully scalable
  • Extremely fast from anywhere in the world

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Easy to use control panel

We run an enhanced version of cPanel, the most popular and powerful web hosting control panel in the market. Manage your domains, websites and more easily from one place with simple point-and-click management. Site management made a piece of cake, so you can dedicate your energy to company growth.

Guaranteed resources

Efficiency is crucial to our webhosting packages. We use technology that can find out which systems are consuming excess resources and re-route them elsewhere as required. With us you get impressive website performance without the risks or disturbances of noisy digital neighbours.

SSD only cloud

With the newest physical and software related possibilities we deliver you the highest performance. We are making use of the newest hardware and Solid State drive (SSD) storage. With our configuration it will deliver at least three times the industry read and write standard. Extreme performance comes included with us.

Fully scalable

Need more memory or CPU power? Our hosting packages scale with your needs. Add more powerful features to your package with ease, or move onto a VPS account. Upgrade at your convenience. No reboots or migrations required. Scale up instantly to up to an maximum of 8Gb RAM and 8 cores per account.

Multi layers of caching

With automatically optimize the delivery of your webpages so your visitors get the fastest page load times and best performance. With our state of art multi layer caching technology, we serve your media and pages incredibly fast, which dramatically increases visitor reach and the availability of your website.

Extremely fast from anywhere in the world

We deliver blazing fast loading times from anywhere in the world, no matter where your visitors are coming from. Our main datacenters are located in Europe and Northern America and your website will be mirrored to over 70 different geographical locations with Cloudflare PRO, which is included for free.