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We take care of security, so you can run your business.

Our success has always depended on the security of our servers. Properly secured sites are faster, since artificial traffic and requests aren’t eating up your resources. The moment we notify any strange activity, we’ll be on the case.

Our infrastructure is equipped with enterprise grade security. Your data and customer experiences are preserved with backup and disaster recovery solutions. We run daily, weekly and monthly backups of every single account and store them over multiple harddisks and physical datacenters. Backup and restoring can be done with a single click. If you’ve ever hesitated to change your site out of fear of making a costly mistake, a new world will open up to you.

When it comes to security, it’s all about that extra layer of protection. And when you host with us, that’s exactly what you get. Peace of mind that gives you free time to spend on your business.

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hosting met 99% minder dreigingen

Enterprise grade beveiliging

Hosting with 99% less security threats

  • Highly secure hosting environment
  • Managed updates and patching
  • Security audits and code reviews
  • Real-time thread detection
  • Double redundant
  • Full privacy

Highly secure hosting environment

Every customer hosting with us benefits from the same enterprise grade security we have put in place. Our highly performant, secure technology keep your account safe, clean and fast. Virus-, DDoS-, and brute-force protection come included for all accounts and our team of dedicated technical experts is on guard 24/7.

Real-time thread detection

We preventatively screen continuously on hacker attempts to keep your data and your website safe and clean. This way we prevent attacks before they happen. We block the IP addresses belonging to spammers or hackers, filter spam for you and notify you in case we see anything suspicious.

Managed updates and patching

We scan accounts on malicious code and keep accounts free of embarrassing hacker takeovers. Every day hackers find vulnerabilities and therefore new ways to get unauthorized access to commonly used CMS’s such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. We detect malware and vulnerabilities automatically, and patch it safely for you without changing versions or plugins.

Double redundant

With us your data is more reliable. Automatically your data is mirrored across multiple distinct devices, datacenters and countries. In case hardware issues arise, our failover technology automatically activates so your website keeps functioning. All our mail-, database and fileservers are fully redundant, so we can deliver leading uptime and make sure not a single email, file or byte can get lost.

Security audits and code reviews

Our datacenters, servers and accounts have bulletproof security protocols to guarantee the safeguarding of your account. We conduct frequent, proactive vulnerability scans and perform penetration testing, and allow you to do the same. We continuously update our security systems and software to be on top of every security angle.

Full privacy

Your data is safe with us. We care about privacy, security and your personal information. All our data is transferred over encrypted connections and we dont let other people or uninvited guests sniff around trough the data on our servers. We offer anonymized domain registrations so your identity will be fully hidden.