About us

Opgericht in 2011, gevestigd in Amsterdam en meer dan 20 jaar aan technische ervaring met hosting oplossingen en online gastvrijheid. Al deze know-how hebben wij verwerkt in het leveren van de allersnelste hosting oplossingen met de best mogelijke service.

How we make the difference

Whether you are a web builder, agency, marketer or entrepreneur, we help you achieve your goals. Where most hosting providers are thirteen in a dozen, we distinguish ourselves completely in terms of performance and service because we believe in a long-term relationship with our customers. Our support is very technical and all come from a development, web-building or agency background, so we understand you.

Our performance is the highest in the market, because we consciously choose to offer the fastest hardware and software solutions and renew this every year. So we are always the first with the latest technology and possibilities, so that you can immediately enjoy these benefits without waiting for years before your host has written off its equipment. Absolute performance is therefore 100% guaranteed with us.

We do everything in our power always the best service to deliver, which means that we are not only quick to respond (minutes instead of hours), but are also available in the evenings + weekends (until 10.30 p.m. every day) and we also really want to help you. No frustrations, long waiting times or sad answers. Your time is limited and if you have a question or challenge once, you want it solved quickly and well.

Satisfaction guaranteed, we promise. Show us what we have and Start today.

The best service and support

We help you. Fast.

  • Iedere dag van de week support tot 22.30 uur
  • Gemiddeld binnen 17 minuten reactie op werktijden
  • We denken graag met je mee
  • Well-trained, decisive experts
  • We leggen je graag uit waar gewenst
  • We will not stop until you are 100% satisfied
  • Als je gebeld wilt worden kan dat gewoon
Best web hosting support
save time

Your time is more valuable

We help you to do things faster and better.

  • We make multi-day backups for you (everything!)
  • Proactive suggestions for performance and safety
  • Bulk image optimization tools
  • Email and website moving tools
  • Pre-optimized WordPresss installs in 60 seconds
  • Get started immediately after ordering

You have complete control

Manage your account without restrictions

  • Full access to all types of DNS records
  • SSH / Shell access
  • Terminal included in every package
  • Flexibility in resources and scales of packages
  • Fully customizable PHP versions and options
  • Unlimited (s) FTP accounts for individual folders
Complete control
Best web hosting speed

High-quality architecture

Sneller met de beste hardware en software

  • LiteSpeed webserver
  • cPanel controle paneel
  • 100% NVMe opslag (7x sneller dan SSD)
  • Redundant opstelling met failover oplossing
  • Self healing infrastructuur
  • Guaranteed resources
  • Onbeperkte en flexibele schaalbaarheid

Enterprise level security

Hosting with 99% fewer security threats

  • Proactieve beveiliging met Imunify360
  • Zeer uitgebreide DDoS beveiliging
  • Minimale IP blacklisting door  slimme opzet
  • Managed updates and patching
  • Regelmatige beveiligingsaudits en code reviews
  • Real-time threat detection
  • Hoogste certificeringen zoals ISO 27001 en PCI-DDS
Enterprise security