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/Invoicing per calendar month

Invoicing per calendar month


Recently it has become possible to receive invoices on a monthly basis. Fewer invoices mean less accounting and therefore it is easier! Normally, our customers receive a product invoice based on order date.

If customers enable monthly billing, they do not receive an invoice based on product date, but based on calendar month. With monthly billing customers receive one invoice on the 1st of each month, with a summary of all payments from the previous month. The optional payment confirmation mail can be disabled. This is useful for customers that process their invoices directly into their accounting program, and want to prevent the payment confirmation mail from Hoasted from being interpreted as an invoice in their accounting program.

This does not apply to invoices for orders already invoiced. Upon activation, all future invoices are automatically saved until the 1st of the following month. The monthly billing is quite convenient for customers who:

  • have many orders per month
  • have many active domains in their account
  • like to receive invoices on a monthly basis
  • process invoices automatically in their accounting software

Customers can enable this feature by contacting Hoasted support. The function is then activated and immediately active.

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