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WordPress LiteSpeed hosting

Optimized for WordPress, now with NVMe and LiteSpeed!


For large business
websites and web shops.

  • Unlimited NVMe storage
  • 4 GB memory
  • 3 CPU processor
  • SSL certificate
  • Up to 12 backups per day
  • COST-FREE installation
  • Premium WP theme
  • Website relocation
  • Email relocation
  • Basic site optimization
47.99/ month *
Normally 56.99 / month


For basic business
websites and web shops.

  • Unlimited NVMe storage
  • 2 GB memory
  • 2 CPU processor
  • SSL certificate
  • Up to 8 backups per day
  • COST-FREE installation
  • Premium WP theme
  • Website relocation

23.99/ month *
Normally 27.99 / month

WordPress Professional

For starters, bloggers
and professionals.

  • 20Gb NVMe storage
  • 1 GB of memory
  • 1 CPU processor
  • SSL certificate
  • Up to 4 backups per day
  • COST-FREE installation
  • Premium WP theme

11.99/ month *
Normally 13.99 / month


For personal websites
and landing pages.

  • 10GB NVMe storage
  • 512MB memory
  • 1 CPU processor
  • SSL certificate
  • Up to 2 backups per day
5.99/ month *
Normally 6.99 / month
WordPress hosting with LiteSpeed and NVMe storage

Unbeatable speed

We are the first in the market to offer all servers with 100% NVMe, the fastest possible form of storage. With a direct connection on the motherboard, reading and writing times of data are up to almost 30x faster than regular storage and up to almost 7x faster compared to SSD.

All servers are also equipped with LiteSpeed web server + LiteSpeed cache, the best available caching solution in the market (even faster than WP Rocket, Varnish and W3 Total Cache). With this unique hardware and software combination, your website is unbeatably fast.

WordPress hosting LiteSpeed
wordpress hosting
Your WordPress website in good hands

WordPress optimized

Our hosting for WordPress is already set up for you for the highest speed, safety, stability and findability. And where you need help or advice with settings, adjustments or optimization, we are happy to help you, so that you always get the most out of the possibilities.

All WordPress hosting is also complete and includes things such as e-mail and SSL. Optionally we also install a special accelerated version of WordPress in your account free of charge. That way you can get started immediately even without technical knowledge.

Made for the entrepreneur, optimized for the developer

Whether you have a lot or little experience with web development, with our WordPress hosting you are fully equipped. From the time-saving functions and tools that appeal to your developer, to the conveniences of being able to do everything yourself without code. This saves you a lot of time and helps you reduce costs.

WordPress installed for you

If you wish, we will prepare a full premium WordPress installation for free on your new hosting account. Everything is there that you need, fully optimized, nice and fast and ready for use.

WP Care maintenance as an optional extra

No time, sense or knowledge to do the maintenance of your website yourself? We offer several WordPress maintenance possibilities, so that you no longer have to worry about speed, stability and security of your website.

Website relocation without downtime

With WordPress hosting Business and Enterprise the relocation is included and with other packages we move websites for one-time 49 euros and mailboxes for 15 euros each. Fast, without any worries and carried out by real people. Sit back while we transfer everything professionally for you.

WordPress template of your choice

From the WordPress Professional package or higher, a premium WordPress theme is included, so that you no longer have to purchase it. Ask us about this and we will install it completely free of charge, so you can get started quickly.

Possible without a developer

  • Have your e-mail and website moved to Hoasted
  • Create a new WordPress installation (or have it created)
  • Use a premium design in WordPress
  • Back up or restore your account
  • Create a clone or staging version of your website
  • Update your WordPress installation or plugins (automatically)
  • Optimally set your website for speed

Request non-binding input from a specialist

Don't know which package is best for you? Ask your hosting experts your question and we will look with you to see which package best suits your business.

View our technical specifications

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Looking for a customized solution?

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