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Speed is crucial for your business

Studies show that your conversion ratio is decreasing significantly when the load time of your website is above one second. To convert more visitors to customers, you need optimised WordPress hosting. And with less than half the costs of your mobile phone subscription, it is a small investment.

Slowness influences your turnover

The most important factor in conversion ratios are the first two seconds of loading time. Hoasted delivers the speed and performance which give your website a great user experience and good visibility in search engines, so you can increase the turnover of your business.

Optimised for WordPress

Our service has a WordPress focus, the most popular CMS in the world. Your website is being shown using the most advanced techniques on the best hardware, so you can get the best result from your hosting. With our technology your website is really extremely fast, everywhere in the world.

Made for the entrepreneur,
optimised for the developer

Besides time-saving functions which will be loved by your developer, we have created our platform with entrepreneurs and marketeers in mind. Tasks you normally would outsource to your developer, you can do easily yourself. This saves you time and helps you reduce costs.

Free migration without downtime

Let us help you migrate to Hoasted. Sit back and relax while your domain, website and email is being transferred to Hoasted by real people. Seamless transfers, without downtime. We do all the work for you. Free, quick and without pain.

Get to work

What you can do without a developer

  • Migrate your website to Hoasted

  • Clone your website or making a staging version of it

  • Make backups or restore your account

  • Update your WordPress installation or plugins

  • Create a new WordPress installation

Our optimised WordPress hosting

When you are ready to give your business fast load times and the high conversion experience it deserves, you can get to work fast. With less than half the costs of your mobile phone subscription, Hoasted WordPress hosting is low in costs and high quality investing in your business. Start today and use our special offer!

* Prices for the first subscription period (maximum 36 months).