LiteSpeed hosting specifications

Included benefits and with our LiteSpeed hosting solutions.

Below all included technical specifications, services and benefits of the platform on which all Web hosting, WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting and Reseller hosting packages are accommodated. With an extreme focus on one constant renewal of hardware and making the latest software solutions available, we are guaranteed faster† Experience it yourself, completely without obligation!

Latest Hardware

Fastest software

Carefree and without obligation

Saves you time


Addon options

Quick installation website and CMS

Quick installation webshop









Backup optimally arranged

Server software

Domains and DNS options



API links







Is something missing or are you looking for other specific aspects? leave it to us here know so that we provide you with the things you need for your projects in the best possible way. Everything for the best performance!

Complete premium performance Managed LiteSpeed hosting

Benefits and specifications

All web hosting, WordPress hosting and WooCommerce hosting are included with at least the specifications below and above. The underlying design and configuration options are based on the same brand new premium performance architecture and hardware for all types.

Standard benefits

Extra technical benefits

Well organized and always carefree

Fully managed

All hosting is fully managed, which means you never have to worry about server management or monitoring. We hold 24/7 keep an eye on everything and ensure that every server always fast, stable and secure is.

You therefore only have to focus on the application itself (your WordPress website, for example), since everything below it is fully arranged by us. So comforting and easy.

Rated best on review sites with the best service.
Top rated customer service

Unprecedented, real support

We are eager to really help you. We deliver you every day of the week until 10.30 p.m. expert technical support, also during the weekend.

Help with all your questions, thinking along whenever possible and always options. And if it's easier, calling is not a problem at all.

LiteSpeed hosting with NVMe

Guaranteed the fastest

With the best combination in terms of hardware and software, we offer our customers the best achievable performance.

With our latest generation AMD Ryzen servers with NVMe storage and LiteSpeed Enterprise maximum speed is guaranteed.

WordPress hosting LiteSpeed

Highest security standards

All services are provided with enterprise-level security and encryption. Our data centers are also provided with the highest certifications such as IS 27001 and PCI-DDS.

SOC-2 safety compliance
SOC-2 safety compliance
PCI DDS compliant hosting.
We only use ISO certified data centers.
PCI DDS compliant hosting.
We only use ISO certified data centers.
All data is housed in Western Europe and complies with all AVG and GDPR regulations.

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Performance hosting

Regardless of your wishes or type of project, we can help you with all hosting needs. From WordPress and web hosting to our Managed VPS hosting. Even with complex database, IP routing or own software needs, we offer you solutions for the best performance.