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Help with website, e-mail and domain transfers.

Whether you want to move your website yourself or you would like to call in our help, we offer every opportunity to switch without worry. Whether that is only for a small institution or for everything.
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Operation of a relocation

We follow the steps below for a professional relocation. This ensures minimal downtime and worry-free transfer. Depending on your chosen hosting package, the relocation of your website and e-mail is included free of charge.

You can request your website relocation directly through our support or this form Submit. Are you not yet a customer? Then you first like to be a customer Register.

After we have received your migration request, we will initiate the process at the time of your preference, which can often be arranged within one day. Together we plan a time and steps to perform the migration, the migration itself usually takes less than two hours.

To move your website, we need the login details, such as FTP host, username and password. If you have a customer login with your old provider, then it is also useful to pass this on when relocating. If you do not have this information available, request it from your old provider. If you also want to have your e-mail accounts moved, then also provide the e-mail addresses and their associated passwords with the request.

Hoasted support creates the order with your desired hosting account and services.

After your order has been created, we will prepare your new e-mail accounts and we will already do all the settings such as domain referrers and e-mail.

We prepare everything well based on the data provided, so that there is no interruption in your website accessibility or email. For example, we adjust the TTL (DNS renewal time) within your current settings, so that everything can go smoothly and nobody notices the conversion.

In consultation with you, Hoasted will prepare the website for your new environment. If you also want to move e-mailboxes, we ensure that all your e-mails and your folders are transferred. No e-mail is lost with the move and you can continue with your entire mail archive and folder structure. Everything is transferred with minimal to no downtime.

You get the new settings from us and for every type of device and software we have practical manuals to adjust your mail settings in your e-mail program.

With the DNS, Hoasted sets visitors to arrive at your website at Hoasted and that mail is also delivered there. Your domain or domains will be transferred to Hoasted.

Domain transfers last between half an hour and five days depending on the type of domain. Where applicable, we set up other matters and we also ensure a secure connection (HTTPS) with an SSL certificate.

Once everything is complete, we will do a final check to ensure that the website is displayed properly, quickly and securely and that items such as the contact form work correctly. We also check whether e-mail has been delivered to your old provider in the meantime and transfer it as well. You will receive a message from us that everything has been transferred. You can also carry out a check yourself to make sure everything is correct and then cancel the transferred services with your old provider.


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If you don't have a website yet, you can easily use WordPress, Joomla or another website system (CMS) to create your website. If you already have a website elsewhere, we will move it without problems, including any domains and e-mailboxes.

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Let us help you migrate to Hoasted. Sit back and relax while your domain, website and email are being transferred to Hoasted by real people. Seamless transfers, without downtime. We do all the work for you for free. Fast and painless.

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What is a domain name?

A domain name is your own web address for your website. You can compare it to a street address that is needed to be found online. It consists of a name (such as Hoasted) and an extension or TLD (such as .com), which together form the complete domain name ( As soon as you register a domain name with us, you will be the sole owner of your unique website address.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need from me?

We need the login of the client account of your previous host to make a move without any downtime (recommended). If you don't have one, we can also perform the move based on an FTP login, but the chance of temporary unavailability is greater. In addition, we need the transfer code of the domain that you would like to transfer.

Is the free migration included with every account?

Website migration is included for most hosting packages. Depending on the type of package, the migration of e-mail or full assistance with the conversion are also included (concierge on-boarding). See the relevant product page for this if this is included. If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask!

Which types of CMS do you move free of charge?

Most hosting packages include a free migration, provided that this is a WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento or static html website. In the case of a custom installation or CMS, we can still move it, but in that case it is best to first contact our support. Then we look together at what is the most useful in terms of approach.

Is the migration of my SSL certificate included?

When we receive all data from the SSL from you, we can regenerate the existing SSL. However, if you have limited validity or use a simple SSL, it is smarter to order and install a new SSL.

Are there data guarantees?

Yes, we retrieve all data 'read-only' from your existing hosting environment and place it in your new hosting account. We then immediately set everything up well for fast loading times, so that you don't have to do anything yourself anymore. After everything is ready we do extensive functionality tests and compare old with new. When this is complete, we ask you to check everything and confirm that the move has been transferred to 100% satisfaction.

Do you make changes during the migration?

No, we take over your website installation exactly as it is now active. We do not modify any code, plugins or other data and do not perform any updates. What we do do is implement the correct caching and PHP settings so that your website is set up correctly and is therefore nice and fast. If you want us to make custom adjustments during the relocation process or, for example, a SSL certificate installation, we will of course take that with us. In addition, we also make the necessary adjustments where necessary to ensure a secure connection between the server and the internet.

Do you also move my contacts and agenda?

When we transfer your mailbox, we move all your e-mails, folders and attachments by e-mail account as standard. However, if you also want us to transfer your contacts or calendars, you can (depending on your existing solution) for a small extra charge. For this we need access to your online contact list and / or agenda, from which we can export all existing data. We will then import this data for you into your chosen hosting and e-mail solution.