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If you do not have a website yet

With us you get immediate activation. Install your favourite app in one click, ready for you in seconds. We offer free WordPress, Bootstrap and Joomla templates and step-by-step tutorials. In case you get stuck, our support team will help you.

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If you already got a website

Let us help you migrate to Hoasted. Sit back and relax while your domain, website and e-mail is being moved to hoasted by real people. Seamless transfers, without downtime. We do all the work for you. Free for most packages, fast and painless.

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Domain registration or transfer

A domain name is your own web address for your website. You can compare it with a street address necessary to be found on the internet. It exists of a name (like Hoasted) and an extension or Top Level Domain, TLD (like .com), which together form the complete domain name ( As soon as you register a domain with us, you are the only owner of you unique website address.

When you want to transfer your domain name to Hoasted, you have to ask your current provider for the transfer code and ask them to unlock the domain if necessary.

How our service functions

After receiving your migration request we start the process. Together we schedule a time to perform the migration, which usually takes less than two hours. We transfer your domain and full website, including files and databases. Your website will be fully functional on your new account, without having any downtime. After the process is finished, we will send your new login details via email. You then have two days to confirm that everything is according to your preferences.

Three simple steps to get started

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Concierge on-boarding

If you would like total migration, we offer a concierge on-boarding service. We will not only migrate your website, but also every email address including all emails and folders. Like a professional team of movers, we will take care of a full and professional migration of all your digital assets and assist you in every aspect of the transition.

Special introductory offer. From €199 for €99. Request concierge on-boarding here.