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Managed VPS hosting

Everything to start right away.

About managed VPS hosting

VPS is the abbreviation of Virtual Private Server, where fysical servers are divided in several ‘virtual’ machines with each it’s own quantity of RAM, CPU and storage. With a VPS you have the advantage that you can start small and easily upgrade to your own desires.

When what you need is more than what can be delivered by our regular hosting solutions, a VPS is the best option. Compared to our regular hosting packages you have the possibility to arrange capacity and software set up completely to your own specifications.

With Managed VPS hosting of Hoasted we set up a VPS, where we doe all the management of the operating software. In that way you get as you are used to as Hoasted customer a very high performance, the best uptime and very powerful connections with different international internet backbones. Fast, secure, stable and without worries.


With our Managed VPS hosting, we offer you the best custom made hosting for a competitive price. Your website, webshop or application will be hoasted on a dedicated server, which we will manage for you completely. Ideal for database intensive code or custom made requirements. We do all the management for you, so you do not have to worry about security and maintenance.

  • Dedicated resources

    Completely available, maximum performance.

  • Carefree management

    We take the management off your hands.

  • Premium support

    We love to help you, even with the most challenging problems.

  • Optimised for your application

    Optimised performance, especially for you.

  • Completely isolated hosting

    No worries about digital neighbours.

  • Always an expert within reach

    We support you and help you where you desire it.

  • Scalable set up

    Easy and flexible scaling up

Managed VPS options

Highest performance by extremely rapid network and newest hardware

MA 1

  • 1 GB RAM

  • 10 GB SSD

  • 1 CORE CPU 3.1 GHz


MA 2

  • 2 GB RAM

  • 20 GB SSD

  • 1 CORE CPU 3.1 GHz


MA 4

  • 4 GB RAM

  • 30 GB SSD

  • 2 CORE CPU 3.1 GHz


MA 8

  • 8 GB RAM

  • 40 GB SSD

  • 4 CORE CPU 3.1 GHz


Advantages with Managed VPS hosting

  • cPanel/WHM licence and access included

  • Premium support included

  • 99,99% uptime SLA

  • 100% High Availability SSD storage (based on Ceph technology)

  • SSL included

  • Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 address included

  • Flexible adjustable and upgradeable

  • Low pingtimes and high througput speed

Management options

Default Management

When you use cPanel without using custom made software. For example when you are hosting WordPress or Magento websites on your VPS. Troubleshooting included during office hours..

Extra charge €0 ,- per month

Extended Management

When you use custom made software (like Varnish or Solr) you will automatically have extended management. Your server is professionally monitored 24/7 and troubleshooting is available also at night and outside office hours.

Extra price €99,- per month

Extra storage options

Extra storage 50

50 Gb extra SSD storage for your VPS.

Extra price €9,99 per month

Extra storage 100

100 Gb extra SSD storage for your VPS.

Extra price €14,99 per month

Extra storage 200

200 Gb extra SSD storage for your VPS.

Extra price €24,99 per month

Extra storage 500

500 Gb extra SSD storage for your VPS.

Extra price 44,99 per month

Backup options

No backups

If you prefer to manage your own backups, that is possible. It is the default option with every VPS.

Extra price €0,- per month

Basic backups

Every night we make a snapshot of your complete VPS. Storage for backups is included.

Extra price €9,99 per month

Extended backups

Every hour backups with complete access using R1Soft backup & restore. Licence and storage included.

Extra price €29,99 per month

Explanatory notes on options

Extended management

Would you like us to take care professionally of updates, patching and maintenance of your VPS with tailor made setup? Add management and monitoring to your VPS. With all managed VPS’s Hoasted will take care of the maintenance and patching of the Operating Software. Thus you don’t have to worry about the stability of security, as we manage that for you. The maintenance of the website or application itself is not included.

Database as a Service

In case you have a very database intensive application, it is more efficient to host your database on another server. In this way your database gets it’s own memory, so the total performance is higher, without you having the need for an extra VPS.

  • cPanel auto SSL module
  • WP-CLI
  • GIT
System options
  • CentOS 6 or 7
  • Plesk
  • OpenVPN
  • Debian
  • Open Source apps (like WordPress or Drupal)
  • Ubuntu
Optional software (default management)
  • LiteSpeed + LScache (€29,99 per month)
  • CloudLinux (€12,99 per month)
  • Imunify360 (€12,99 per month)
  • Installatron (€4,99 per month)
  • Let’s Encrypt auto install module (one time fee €49,-)
Optional software (extended management)
  • New Relic (one time fee €85,-)
  • Solr (free set up included)
  • Varnish (free set up included)
  • Redis (free set up included)
  • ElasticSearch (free set up included)

Premium support

Quick, helpful and unburdening

Nothing is for sure and technology is not different. There can always be things where extra expertise is welcome. And we love to deliver that. Whether it is about database queries, DNS settings or complex compression, we love to help you. Your satisfaction is our priority!

Premium service and support

Even for the most challenging problems
Even as developer you will encounter situations where you don’t know yourself how to solve them. Our support likes to explain you how you can get the desired solution, or solves the issue for you. And we explain to you also how we solved it.

Proactive support

One step ahead through smart monitoring
We monitor your application 24/7. When we detect irregularities on your VPS, we contact you proactively. We always offer a solution and also the possibility to solve it for you.

More value for your money

More than 4 times higher compared to the rest
Up to 4 times higher performance compared to other providers. Besides website and email migration is cost free and optionally we also add a CDN packate for extremely rapid international load times.

We love to help

We facilitate growth and think along with you
Have you got a problem with which you need help? We like to help you. We take up the challenge to find the best possible solution for your application and help you with realising it wherever you wish.

Comparison with regular hosting solutions

In case you want to host a special application with Hoasted, there are two possibilities. using a greater regular web hosting package from our managed hosting offers or making use of a VPS.

Using standard hosting solutions

If you have got an application or webshop built with the much used PHP and MySQL set up, the bottleneck is mostly the available resources in your current set up. In that case you can use the larger Hoasted web hosting packages within our WordPress, Magento or web hosting offer. The advantage is that management is already taken care of and that you besides that have advantages like backups, malware protection and maintenance. We recommend this among others when:

  • Your application is based on PHP and MySQL (like for example WordPress, Drupal or Magento)
  • You have a custom MySQL and PHP application
  • You need a control panel like cPanel
  • You are searching the most value for money solution for hosting your application
  • You do not need custom made software or hardware besides the default included PHP modules and software for speed and security
Use of a VPS

When resources like memory and CPU are not the bottleneck for your application, but the set up, structure or lay-out of the hardware and software. Among others we recommend an own VPS in the following situations:

  • You need custom modules like for example Varnish caching, Solr or ElasticSearch
  • You need an above average number of database resources or requests
  • Your application(s) can’t function on just PHP or MySQL
We like to help you

We facilitate growth and contribute to your thought process.
Have you got a question with which you need help? We love to help you. We are keen on taking the challenge to find the best possible solutions for you and to help with the realisation where wanted.

Frequently asked questions

Get to know everything about our Managed VPS hosting

Am I stuck to a contract?

No, we don’t have contracts are unclear deals. You have a Managed VPS per month, you can cancel it any moment. No hidden costs or fine print.

What is included in management?

We take care of all linux distrubition software, security and performance as to hardware level. We take care for security patches, updates of modules and software (among others PHP) and also the management of backups if added in the subscription.

What is not included in management?

Maintenance of your specific application (like updates of WordPress, Drupal or WooCommerce). Optionally we can do this also for you at the regular hour tariff.

Difference between standard and extended management?

Your VPS is under default management when we work with a standard set up and software. In this way we can do maintenance in an easier way on large scale. If you have custom made configuration and software, we do the maintenance manually, and that means this type of maintenance is in the extended category.

Can I run more applications on one VPS?

Yes, you can decide yourself how many applications, websites or webshops you put on your VPS. Default we install cPanel for free, so also you can easily manage everything.

When can I upgrade or downgrade my VPS?

You can adapt the amount of resources at any time. In some cases a restart of your VPS is necessary.

Do you take care for optimisation speed and security?

Sure! We migrate everything cost-free from your old situation to your new managed VPS. We include a basic optimisation of the code and take a look whether we can improve heavy or inefficient queries.

What if my VPS reaches its max resources?

We first determine whether it is about a software or hardware demand. In some cases it is an adaption in  the code, an optimisation of the code or an upgrade of the resources. When a VPS gets stuck or becomes unreachable as to software, we restart the VPS for you and tell you we did so.

Are server management and licenses included in the price?

Yes, completely. For the prices as mentioned on this page, you have a fully managed VPS hosting, including maintenance. You do not have to do anything as to the server or server software, we do that for you completely. In this way your server is always up to date and secure.

Is a control panel included?

Yes, we offer default the use of cPanel/WHM for every Managed VPS. In this way management for you is many times more easy and faster. Additionaly you can also use cPanel for email.

Can I install specific software on my VPS?

We offer SSH access, however not as root. The possibility to installation, adaption or update of software is completely possible, by mutual agreement however. Dependent of your wishes, we take a look how we can do the required adaptions of your VPS and we like to help you with it.

Migration and optimisation possibilities

Let us professionally move your website or application to a Managed VPS.

Sit back and relax, while we move your application and optionally also domains and email. Seamless transfers, without downtime. We can do all the work for you. Fast, professionally and especially without worries.

Optionally we also check your application and code after moving and optimise wherever possible. You application not only will be safer, but also much faster and more stable.

Migrations can be started within 48 hours, or when agreed upon even faster. For more information about the possibilities, please contact us.

Get started

Ordering through support

Would you like to receive a proposal? Please send an e-mail to, in which you tell us:

• What applications you would like to run

• What your eventual current solution is

• How much storage you expect to need

• Other requirements

We will then mail you soon with a proposal including our recommendation, options and other possibilities

Ordering using our website
  1. Go to our website
  2. Choose the desired operating system
  3. Add extra options like backups or management
  4. Finish the order

After your order you can start right away on the basis of your chosen set up. After the order is finished, we will immediately set up everything for you.

The best start for growth

Imagine that you can do your job for your company faster, better and cheeper, due to using premium hosting in combination with access to a wide range of tools and services.

We help developers, designers and other web professionals to get the most out of their hosting, by offering premium quality hosting with the very best service. Using this, you can do your work in just a fraction of the time, so you have more time to do what you are best in.

We are personally and have an extremely fast support department. Something we are proud of. We are valued with a 9,8 on Trustpilot and our customers would all recommend us. Are you ready just like them to get more out of the hosting for your company?

We would like to hear from you which questions you have got!


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