Green hosting

Working together greener.

Green in the field of technology

Within the ICT industry, a lot of energy is spent 24/7 on running hardware, because websites must be permanently online. Think of servers, routers, network systems, cooling of data centers, cooling of graphics cards and processors. In essence, this is not green, but there are many things in our industry that can achieve energy-neutral green hosting through savings and compensation.

Apart from the fact that we use green energy, our servers are air and water and cooled (compared to electric) and in addition, the data centers in which we run are the most energy efficient in the industry, as we always prefer environmentally friendly. Moreover, there is no air conditioning in the data centers due to the smart and green airflow design. As a result, less than half the energy is required compared to a traditional data center.

Furthermore, perhaps good to know:

CO2 compensation

We plant several trees on top of the green technology. We do this in collaboration with the Foundation Trees for All. Together they make the world greener, we fight deforestation and we create a healthier living environment.

green hosting
green hosting

Green and sustainable business

In addition to technology, we are also consciously doing business within the team. We offer employees the opportunity to work from home and / or from a location close to home. This allows everyone to cycle to the office, which is also better for the environment. At times when everyone is at the office, we compensate for the use of public transport and we prefer carpooling about individual travel. We also do much more in our operation to be green:

Long story short, we advocate corporate responsibility, and we do everything we can to make the right choices when it comes to sustainability. There is still much to be achieved in the IT industry, and we are happy to help with that. If you suggestions feel free to let us know how we as a business can do business in a more sustainable or greener way.