Dedicated IP address

Your website higher in the search results in a country of your choice.

An IP address is the number with which a device within a network can be identified. IP addresses of a server are used by multiple users or accounts on that server by default. The IP ensures that a domain is referred to the relevant server and hostname, so that, among other things, website traffic is correctly redirected. A dedicated IP address is an IP address that belongs to only one user or account.

The advantage of a dedicated IP address is multiple, but mainly in the field of security (100% score on, functionality (direct connection, custom whitelisting etc), domain reputation and search engine ranking. We also have the option to link IP addresses from a specific country in the context of search engine ranking. Bee order we will fully arrange the conversion within your hosting account.

Dedicated IP address for hosting

It is possible to replace the standard IP address of your hosting account with a dedicated IP address. With reseller or VPS hosting, it is also possible to link multiple dedicated IPv4 addresses.

When a unique own IP address is added via Hoasted, this address will only be used for your hosting. Each account can only contain one IP address.
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Custom allocation and volume

This is possible if you want to purchase dedicated IP addresses in large volumes. Within a Reseller package we have the option to set up the IP allocation completely according to your wishes. Your own dedicated IP that you apply to multiple specific cPanel accounts, deploy to one account or use as the default IP on each subsequent cPanel account to be created.

Custom countries

We have several IP blocks at our disposal from different countries (the Netherlands by default). We can also supply IPs from Belgium, Germany. A dedicated IP costs EUR 7.49 per IP per month for all available countries.

Prices dedicated IP address

When purchasing a larger volume of IP addresses, the following rates are applied. 

Price per piece per month
Separate dedicated IP address € 7,49
From 5 dedicated IP addresses € 6,99
From 10 dedicated IP addresses € 6,49
From 20 dedicated IP addresses € 5,49
From 50 dedicated IP addresses € 4,49
From 100 dedicated IP addresses € 3,99

Difference between shared and dedicated IP

The differences between a dedicated IP address and a shared IP address

Dedicated IP Shared IP
Determine the country of IP address yourself Yes No
Custom IP exceptions and whitelisting possible Yes No
Number of users per IP a multiple
Contribute to better search engine ranking Yes No
Better indexing in a specific country Yes No
Dependency on IP reputation of others independent dependent
Higher blacklist protection Yes No
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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need from me?

We need the name of the website stating from which country you want the Dedicated IP address. If you have specific wishes, make one first support ticket On.

Do you use specific rules?

Yes. As IPv4 addresses are becoming increasingly scarce, we carefully screen all IP requests. Not every request is accepted and no rights can be derived from the allocation of IP addresses. It is also not allowed to use the IP addresses for adult or gambling related websites. If you have a specific situation, we recommend that you contact our support.

When do you recommend a dedicated IP?

This depends on your wishes. In some cases it is necessary for an application or security functionality and in other cases it is desirable to improve search engine ranking. In general, we recommend using a dedicated IP when investing in your website in the field of security, findability or marketing (advertising).

Why do search results improve in a country?

Google ensures that websites with an IP address from that country score higher in searches in a country. If your website focuses on visitors from a certain country, a dedicated IP address can contribute to better findability and higher search engine ranking.

How quickly is a dedicated IP address arranged?

In most cases we can deliver a dedicated IP address on the same day. Depending on the volume and the country, this can take a few days.

From which countries do you offer dedicated IP addresses?

We currently provide a dedicated IP address from the following countries: Belgium, Germany, Finland, France, Great Britain (UK), Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland

Can I use the IP for multiple websites?

Yes, this is possible if you use our Reseller hosting or VPS hosting. It is not possible to use an IP address twice on different servers. A dedicated IP address can only be active on one physical server.