Custom Managed VPS with NVMe

Top performance servers including management.

If your need goes beyond one of our regular hosting solutions, a VPS offers a solution. Compared to our regular hosting offer, you have the option of having capacity and software setup set up to your own specifications, without having to worry about maintenance.

With managed VPS hosting from Hoasted, we professionally set up your desired VPS, whereby we do all management of the operating software. In this way you get, as you are used to from us, the highest performance, the best uptime and also very powerful connections with various international internet backbones.

managed vps


Fully managed
VPS with NVMe storage.

74,99 p.m
Including management,
setup and configuration.


Fully managed
VPS with NVMe storage.

119,99 p.m
Including management,
setup and configuration.


Fully managed
VPS with NVMe storage.

169,99 p/m​
Including management,
setup and configuration.

VPS 16

Fully managed
VPS with NVMe storage.

274,99 p/m​
Including management,
setup and configuration.

VPS 96

Fully managed
VPS with NVMe storage.

1229,- p.m
Including management,
setup and configuration.
Do you need more resources than the above or are you looking for customization? Our offer extends to 480Gb RAM and 38 CPU cores dedicated per server, which we can also cluster. Contact us for the possibilities, we are happy to think along with you.

Complete hosting and everything included

Immediately a good start

With our Managed VPS hosting we offer you the very best customized hosting for a competitive price. Your website, webshop or application is hosted on a dedicated server, which we manage entirely for you. Ideal for database intensive code or customized needs. We do all the management for you, so you never have to worry about safety and maintenance.

Standard benefits

Extra technical benefits

Possible adjustments and extensions

We have various extensions within our VPS range. This way we can do all possible hardware-related but also software-related extensions for you at any time. Below the most popular addons, however, we can provide all possible software and hardware solutions. Take for questions Contact on.

Extra disk space and resources

Backup options

Management and monitoring

Hoasted is responsible for maintaining and patching the Operating Software for all managed VPSs. This means you don't have to worry about stability or security, as we manage that for you. The maintenance of the website or application itself is not included. If you like to use custom SLA or agreements about maintenance, please Contact us.

cPanel options and additional software


Would you prefer to call first before you get started? Which can!

When to choose a VPS?

A server to your liking that is managed by experts.

With VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, physical server is divided into smaller virtual servers. In that setup you have all possibilities for specific technical requirements such as adjustment of memory, storage and processor, while enjoying the highest performance, safety and expert maintenance. All our managed VPS hosting is based on our High Availability platform with the highest speed, stability and security through premium redundant hardware and network.

You use a VPS when your wishes no longer fit into our regular hosting offer. This may be due to technical aspects (working memory, processor, storage, or data center location), or due to software requirements.

High resource use

If you have an application or webshop that uses a lot of memory, CPU or database requests, it is not possible to use regular hosting and it is necessary to switch to a VPS. In addition, you have all scalability and no limits when it comes to server load or resource use. Example situations:

Custom software

If you use custom software solutions that do not fit in with regular hosting, then it is the Operating System, the application or other software that is the exception. Everything can be arranged exactly according to your wishes on a VPS. From custom OS, custom software or scripts, to your exact hardware needs. Possible custom devices:

Request non-binding input from a specialist

Don't know which package is best for you? Ask your hosting experts your question and we will look with you to see which package best suits your business.

Schedule a telephone consultation with our experts.

Would you like free advice or input from our experts on how we advise you to set up your VPS? Schedule a telephone conversation completely free of charge and without obligation.

Looking for a customized solution?

Do you need more than one account, or are you looking for a special setup for your business? We understand! Let us make a proposal that exactly meets your wishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in management?

We take care of all control software, safety and performance at the hardware level. We do security patches, update modules and software (including PHP etc) and also manage backups if added.

What is not included in management?

Maintenance of your specific application (such as updates from WordPress or WooCommerce). We can optionally do this for you at a standard hourly rate.

Am I tied to a contract?

All Custom VPS services, including optional add-ons, extensions or licenses, are renewed on a monthly basis. In the event of complete cancellation, we apply a notice period of one month. You are not committed to anything and no mandatory extension periods apply, unless explicitly agreed otherwise.

Why should I purchase an SLA?

Your VPS falls under standard management when we work with a standard set-up and layout of software. This allows us to perform efficient maintenance on a larger scale. When you have custom configuration and software running, which also need to be monitored on specific endpoints or pages, you can provide an SLA.

In the case of a separately purchased SLA (service level agreement), in addition to server monitoring, we also deal with any issues with your website, webshop or application itself. With an SLA, your website is also included in our premium monitoring, with which someone is also called out of bed during the night and will offer support.

Can I place multiple applications on a VPS?

Yes, you can decide for yourself how many applications, websites or web shops you place on your VPS. Depending on the chosen cPanel license, you can create multiple separate sub-hosting accounts on your VPS, from where you can easily manage multiple configurations and applications.

When can I upgrade or downgrade my VPS?

You can have the server type or the extra amount of RAM and processors adjusted at any time, which are also charged monthly. In some cases, this requires a restart of your VPS.

If you have extra NVMe disk space added to your VPS, it can only be downgraded if it concerns a separate extra disk for a separate cPanel account. This is unfortunately so since the general server filesystem can only be technically increased. That is the case with every VPS.

What if my VPS reaches its max resources?

We first determine whether it concerns software or hardware needs. In consultation we look together at the best solution. In some cases, that is an adjustment in the code, an optimization of the code or an upgrade of the resources. If the VPS crashes or becomes unreachable through software, we will restart the VPS for you and inform you.

Can I install specific software on my VPS?

SSH access is included with every managed VPS (not as root), so you have the option of installing software yourself (and also using Composer, GIT, NPM etc). The possibility to install, adjust or update custom software is fully possible, but in consultation. Depending on your wishes, we look at how we implement the desired adjustments to your VPS, and we are happy to help you with that.

Is a management panel also included?

The price of the license is not included in the standard costs with a Custom VPS, since it depends on your wishes (but with WooCommerce VPS or LiteSpeed VPS. We recommend using cPanel/WHM. The 'cPanel software Admin' license is the standard solution (license is 19.99 p/m), where you can create up to five separate cPanel hosting accounts. The great thing is that in every single cPanel account you can adjust the full PHP and other configuration details to your liking. In addition, you can also share the login of an individual cPanel account with others where desired (without giving access to the rest).

Can you transfer my current server?

Certainly! We migrate where desired all your data or specific components on a large scale to your new environment, so you don't have to do anything yourself. This is fast, professional and safe. Contact us without obligation to clarify the exact possibilities based on your current solution.

Are maintenance activities included?

Yes, completely. For the prices mentioned on this page you have full Managed VPS hosting, including hardware and software maintenance. You do zero maintenance on the server or server software, we do that entirely for you. This means your server is always up to date and secure.