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All hosting comes with guaranteed resources, smart containerization and runs on brand new AMD Ryzen 9 5950x (brand new) servers with 100% NVMe storage and cPanel hosting with LiteSpeed. This is the best web hosting solution at the moment, which can guarantee the fastest loading times for your website.

You will earn back better hosting very quickly. Your website is at its fastest, with which your visitors convert better, your rankings in the search engines increase and possible advertising costs decrease. With higher quality scores and lower click prices, that's the reason to choose the best hosting a no-brainer.

All our hosting is optimized for performance, provided with 30-day money back guarantee and optimized to deliver the highest performance in the market. That your website at Hoasted is at its fastest, we guarantee.

LiteSpeed benefits

Types of web hosting

From WordPress to Reseller web hosting
web hosting

Web web hosting

Complete hosting to get started right away with any type of application, including applications such as Joomla and Drupal. Email and SSL are included.
hosting wordpress

WordPress web hosting

Optimized NVMe hosting for WordPress, including all benefits such as e-mail and SSL. Extremely fast and full of useful WordPress tools and extras.
woocommerce hosting

WooCommerce web hosting

When you start working with a WooCommerce webshop, this optimized NVMe hosting is perfect. Including professional webshop tools.
hosting reseller

Do you want to sell extremely fast NVMe hosting services to your customers, under your own brand name? Then our white label reseller hosting is what you need.

magento hosting
Powerful scalable hosting for the most complex Magento web shops. The benefits of a VPS, but without the worries, risks or maintenance.
vps servers
Fully managed NVMe servers, compiled according to your own wishes. From small custom applications to large-scale clusters, everything is possible with this type.

Optional web hosting extensions

Web hosting extra services

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Unprecedented, real support

We are committed to really helping you with all your questions. We deliver you every day of the week until 10.30 p.m. expert technical web hosting support, also on weekends. That way you are also helped outside working hours.

Help with all your questions, thinking along whenever possible and always options. And if it's easier, calling we just put you on. You never ask our support one question too much and if you want to learn, we are happy to help you!

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Secure web hosting

All data in Europe and fully compliant.
We only use ISO certified data centers.
All services are provided with enterprise-level security and encryption. Our data centers are also provided with the highest certifications such as IS 27001 and PCI-DDS.
SOC-2 safety compliance
SOC-2 safety compliance
PCI DDS compliant hosting.
We only use ISO certified data centers.
PCI DDS compliant hosting.
We only use ISO certified data centers.
All data is housed in Western Europe and complies with all AVG and GDPR regulations.