Hacking Creativity- The Scientific Way

/Hacking Creativity- The Scientific Way

Hacking Creativity- The Scientific Way


You may have read a whole lot of articles on the internet explaining the creative process as a spiritual one; one that is intrinsic to man. You may have read about ways to increase your creativity using meditation and similar methods. While that is applicable to an extent, there’s a scientific way of hacking creativity too!

This articles, explains in detail, the process of hacking creativity in the scientific way making you understand that why you feel dull at times and what to do about it. Starting off with the basic stuff, creativity is nothing very complex at all. In fact, it is a simple balance between serotonin and dopamine inside the brain. The balance of these chemicals keeps your creative juices flowing and any hitch in the levels causes you to become dull. You cannot simply wait for the natural balance of these chemicals to be restored when feeling exhausted or simply irritated, can you?

We suggest that you memorize the following tips by heart so that when you run out of your wild creative insight, you can try on or two of these to restore the calmness of your life. So, without wasting any more of your time, lets start looking at some of the ways of hacking creativity in the scientific way.

Maintain a Protein Rich Diet

You might not have known this before, that our body, while digesting high-protein foods, converts them into serotonin and dopamine. Just what we needed right?! Now that you know this, go over your eating habits and add in some good, high protein diets. It is always better to be safe than sorry, after all!

Eat Bananas and Avocados

Both of these fruits have the ability to fix your creativity meter by raising your serotonin and dopamine levels, not to mention that they are super delicious too! Make bananas and avocados a part of your diet and you will begin to see the difference in your creativity levels almost instantly.


Creativity problem or not, exercise has to be a part of your daily routine. It not only keeps you in shape, but ensures that the chemistry inside your brain remains like its supposed to be. If you are a slacker, start with easy routines, take your time to get acquainted with the drill before moving on to the difficult and more effective exercises. We definitely do not want you to sprain your ankles! According to a research, a 30 min. exercise is the key to maintaining a healthy creativity level for the following two hours, provided that you do not fatigue yourself in which case your cognitive system will simply give up on you instead of boosting up.

Meditation is Important

Most of us do not realize this, but meditation is as important as exercise in staying happy and healthy. Some quiet time with yourself with no gadgets or iPhones beeping and flashing, does more good to your overall mental health than you think. Make meditation a part of your daily routine, preferably early in the morning so that it can do you good during the rest of the day.

Music Helps in Hacking Creativity

Can you recall the number of times listening to your favorite song has helped freshen you up instantly? We bet you can’t because we all have countless such moments. Music has the ability to cheer you up in the blink of a second and frankly who needs therapy when there’s always a song you can listen to! So, if you’re feeling particularly dull or grumpy on a given day, try listening to some of your favorite songs, especially the happy ones and you’ll feel like yourself before you even realize what happened. We personally use SoundCloud when working at the office (tip: search for mixes longer than 20 min for unlimited fun :).

Take Up New Challenges

You can only expand the creative capacity of your brain by exploring the unknown. Wander off, read a lot. Take up new things that you might even be a little afraid of. It is important to keep your brain skillfully engaged to ensure that the creative process keeps sharpening with every passing day.

Sleep On Time!

Being humans, all of us only have a limited creativity reservoir which needs recharging after a long day of work. Getting enough sleep is an important part of this recharging process. When the brain doesn’t get enough sleep, it tends to stay tired all the time and honestly, it is foolish to try and accomplish something with a hazy mind. So, sleeping on time is necessary as is getting enough sleep to wake up thoroughly refreshed.

Mind Teasers == Mind Sharpeners

Mind teasers or mind boggling puzzles are another great way to make yourself think out if the box. Not only do they want you to pull your hair out (only sometimes!), they motivate you to solve a problem unlike any that you have faced in your life. This sharpens your mind and introduces you to new ways of looking at a problem, a fresh perspective and that’s what we all need every one in a while.

Reward Yourself

Its important to not always have the creative juices flowing, neither is being focused all the time. Allow yourself to relax and let your mind wander off sometimes. Let it focus on the squirrels playing on the tree right outside your office window for some time rather than forcing it to work when it clearly doesn’t want to. Reward yourself with unexpected strolls in the park, with unplanned book dates in the library and what not!

Lastly, let yourself breathe! It is perfectly okay to not be able to concentrate for some time. And its equally fine to mess up a little. What’s dangerous however, is to stress yourself over small things that may not even matter in the long run. It is important to realize what you’re capable of and when you’ve realized that, there will be no limit to your creativity.

Go and give the above a try and enjoy!

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