Hoasted Fair Use Policy (FUP)

With our FUP we can continue to provide our extremely fast services with the best service for all customers, so that you can continue to enjoy security, stability and above all speed of services at all times. To prevent excessive and/or improper use of our services and inconvenience to other users, we therefore apply a so-called fair use policy (FUP). Just like an 'all you can eat' restaurant should not take bags of food home or start food fights, there are also rules for our unlimited services 🙂

Through our monitoring system, we monitor all activity on our platform, so that we detect irregularities immediately. Our limits are very spacious, so in practice you never go beyond the limits of our fair use. In less than 0.01% of the cases, our services are consciously or unconsciously abused on a regular basis. For those cases we will look for the best solution together.

What is not allowed?

Our policy is many times wider and more flexible than other hosts, to allow you to get the most out of the possibilities and give room for growth. However, a number of things are not allowed:

  • Making backups via your own backup tools or WordPress plugins, since we make many backups of all data for you.
  • Use the storage space of your hosting account for purposes other than hosting a website.
  • Share your hosting account publicly with others
  • Place copyrighted content on your hosting account
  • Use your hosting account for file storage or file sharing
  • Use your hosting account for streaming
  • Use inefficient or heavy code, which means that an unreasonably high number of resources are requested from the server.
  • Casino or Adult websites or content

Example situations

Examples of when you quickly fall outside the FUP:

  • Run your own crawler scripts
  • Large WP all import scripts
  • Email alerts that are sent every minute
  • Mass emails sent from a personal mailbox
  • Heavy product feeds or imports

No worries

We will never just cancel your service, close it or send you an invoice. If you do not comply with our FUP and / or cause inconvenience, we will always contact you first. That way we can look together at the best solution.

If we see that large damage is done to outsiders, for example through phishing scripts or large volume of spam email, we take immediate action. In almost all cases your website will therefore remain online, but there is limited possibility of adapting or exporting files for security reasons.

Monitoring processor usage (CPU)

Everything that happens in your hosting package is calculated by the processor, the Central Processor Unit (CPU). Every website has a certain amount of CPU at its disposal, depending on the hosting package. 

Who offers you all the space you need to use the processor for handling processes. It can of course always happen that a script or plugin gets stuck in your website, causing a peak in the hosting memory or CPU of your hosting account. That is no problem, since our monitor measures structural use. However, if nothing is done with this and your account uses more than 20% of server resources over longer periods of time, action must be taken.

Cause and solutions
The cause can often be found in a very inefficient heavy script or CMS, which requires a lot of calculations. It is also possible that the scripts or the CMS are efficient and optimized, but that the website is visited very busy.

The latest versions of PHP (from 7.2.x) are significantly more efficient in the use of CPU. Therefore always try to upgrade to the latest PHP version, see also our instruction manual. A second option is to optimize your website. This includes caching, compressing images, removing unused plugins / extensions and themes, updating to the latest versions, database use, scripting and much more. See also the Hoasted optimization service

If the website is already running on a new PHP version and is properly optimized, it is best to upgrade to a hosting package with more resources, see our website.

Monitoring the use of the database (MySQL)

Almost all websites use one or more databases to store the data. However, we request that you keep your database optimized. When one of your databases is larger than 2Gb in size or when it consumes a large part of the database resources, this has a significant impact on overall server performance, making websites on that server slower and therefore also your own website. In that case we request that you optimize your database. Also intensive queries (longer period in the top 0.1% of query use) can be reason to contact us. 

Cause and solutions
The cause can lie in a very large database table. Perhaps there is a lot of old information in it (for example by testing different plugins) which needs to be cleaned up, or the table is not properly indexed. There may also be an inefficient query (database query).

The best solution is to optimize the database, remove unused or used data and formulate queries as optimally as possible. You can use the WordPress plugins for this, among other things.Plugins Garbage Collector' or Use query monitor.

Monitoring of usage of working memory (RAM)

If there is a high use of RAM in peaks, there will often also be a high CPU usage. So if you find this in the overview in your cPanel, then you can look at CPU above for causes and solutions.

Monitoring for use of NVMe storage

For the best performance, we use NVMe storage, which is the fastest and most advanced storage type in the market. To be able to offer NVMe storage with all our hosting, there are a number of guidelines for use:

  • Storage must be used for your website
    The use of your account as a Dropbox, backup or other type of storage location is not permitted. For this we deliver Dropbox accounts or FTP storage accounts. The high performance NVMe storage in your hosting account is intended for your website, in order to deliver the highest speed.
  • No backups in your own account
    We do not allow you to save backups yourself within your hosting account. We already make a lot of backups for you and multiple storage in your account itself is not only superfluous but especially a waste. In addition to the many backups that we already make for you, you can also set up and make additional backups free of charge via Installatron. These are stored in a different location and can be created and restored at any time.
  • More than 20Gb of files
    If you use more than 20 GB of files, we ask you to clean up so that your website can continue to run on NVMe. Think in particular of backups or other files larger than 1Gb (such as logs or zip files). If you use more than 20 GB of data, we may transfer your account to SSD storage.

Malware monitoring

Despite our firewall and patchman's known security breaches, it can still happen that unwanted access is gained to a website, for example because unsafe and not updated plugins are used. We use the term malware for files or scripts that have been placed on a website undesirably and can lead to abuse. For example for sending spam or carrying out attacks or phishing actions on others.

We use advanced checks to check websites daily for malware (unwanted code). If we come across this on your website, we will let you know immediately, so that we can find a solution as quickly as possible. In this we fully assist you and we also offer the possibility to have malware cleaned up by us professionally.

Bandwidth monitoring

We offer this completely unlimited, but we monitor usage. Large changes in the use of bandwidth often give a good signal for irregularities.

Monitoring for e-mail use

We have many options in the field of e-mail and also a premium solution through SpamExperts. In some cases, however, we will contact you:

    1. Mailbox greater than 5Gb or total mail usage greater than 15Gb (or 10Gb per cPanel account)
      Unlimited space does not apply to the mailboxes. We will contact you if one of the mailboxes is larger than 5Gb or the total mail usage is greater than 15Gb.
  • Very large quantities of e-mails in your mailbox
    If you have more than 20,000 emails in your mailbox, we will also contact you. Very large amounts of e-mail have a negative influence on making backups, which means we cannot offer a high backup frequency.
  • Sending too many e-mails per hour
    There is a limit to the number of emails that can be sent within an hour: 125 emails per hour is the maximum. If you come above that, it is possible that no mail will be sent for the rest of that hour and your mail will be in the queue. If you want to send larger volumes of e-mail, we recommend using Mailpro transactional e-mail.
  • High percentage of bounces
    A bounce is an email that cannot be delivered successfully, which has a negative impact on your domain and IP reputation. Causes may be that you are using 'more working' mail addresses or that malicious code is sending spam from your e-mail addresses.

    If the number of bounces is too high in relation to the mails sent, then the sending of the rest of that hour will be stopped as a precaution. See also our Max Defers support page

Free mailbox clean up service

If your mailbox is too large, we can make a backup of the content for you free of charge so that the mail can be retrieved from your regular account. You can then download this backup and save it locally.

A few tips

  • Send large mailings well
    • Do not send this from your personal e-mail account but from a special mail program such as Mailchimp, or from your website with the Mailpoet plugin in combination with Mailpro transactional e-mail.
    • Clean up your mailing list regularly by unsubscribing bounce addresses or recipients that often do not open.
  • Forwarders and Gmail
    Do not use forwarder settings that send to another domain
    It is better to read your mail directly via webmail, or to import it from the other mailbox. Read also Import mail via Gmail.
  • Good outgoing mail from your website
    Set your outgoing mail in your website for the best sending. See also for that this manual.
  • Captcha on forms
    Use Captcha on forms on your website (for example a calculation). This increases the chance. Much spam appears to come from forms automatically filled in by spambots. A captcha can prevent this.
  • Large files
    You can prevent a lot if you send large files yourself via a service such as Wetransfer and also ask your contacts to use them. This keeps large files outside of your regular mailbox.

Professional cloud e-mail solution

If you use e-mail on a larger scale, we recommend using a cloud e-mail solution such as Microsoft Office 365 or Google Workspace. Very large mailboxes are allowed there and many other extras are also offered, such as an online office environment. See also below: 

If you decide to use Google Workspace or Office 365, we will take care of the installation, configuration and transfer from your standard email solution free of charge.

Questions or special requests

Do you foresee that you need more memory, CPU or other resources for a short period of time, for example for a large newsletter or national media campaign? In those cases it is best to contact our support so that we can think along with you and facilitate you as well as possible.