Hoasted domain privacy

Your data cannot be found in whois of your domain

The Whois database is accessible to everyone on the internet. It offers people the possibility to look up the status or information about an existing domain name. If you register a domain, no matter which top level domain (.com, .org etc), you make your data public in a whois database. For example, spammers and marketing companies will find your name, address, e-mail address and / or telephone number there. Hoasted offers the solution: domain privacy.

How domain privacy works

Hoasted offers domain privacy, this is a service that anonymises the contact details for your domain. If you use this service, your personal information will no longer be available to the public and will be replaced with anonymous contact information. With our included forwarding service, people can still reach you without your personal data being online or accessible.

If you want to add domain privacy to your domain, all you have to do is click on the domain privacy add-on when you order a domain, or contact our customer service.

Domain privacy details
Cost 5.99 per year per domain
Contact requests forwarded including
Activation privacy during or after purchase
domain privacy

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my information displayed?

On the internet there are whois servers for each type of domain (extension), which you can interpret as digital telephone directories. These whois databases are public and searchable, so that everyone can publicly look up who owns a domain. For .nl you do that at SIDN. For international domains such as .com, .net and .org you can go to ICANN or domaintools. For the registers per extensions you can go via IANA view where you can view the relevant whois databases.

Which data is visible by default?

Every umbrella domain registrar makes it obligatory to provide contact details when registering a domain or transfer. Depending on the extension and the managing register, your information is included as standard in a public 'whois database', where in any case the owner of the domain with address data, telephone number and also the e-mail address is displayed in a number of cases.

When we add domain privacy to the domain, we pass on our own special privacy data, so that you comply with the regulations and we send any contact requests to you.

Will my domain name change?

Nothing changes to your domain name. Only if you search in the whois for domains will our privacy data be shown there as Hoasted Privacy, instead of your data. Any contact requests for domains with our 'ID protection' go through a contact form, so that your contact information cannot be used for marketing or spam purposes.

Do you recommend adding privacy?

Yes, especially to prevent spam on your contact e-mail. We also recommend adding privacy if you want to remain anonymous and do not want to show whose ownership the domain is. The domain owner cannot be approached directly for marketing campaigns or unwanted e-mail lists.

How can I add privacy to my domain?

This you directly through Hoasted and can in two ways:
1. When ordering, tick ID Protection
2. Afterwards with a request to our support

We will then arrange everything for you.