About domain transfers

How to transfer your domain to Hoasted works

Every domain name is unique and can only be managed by one provider at a time. Compare it with a street address that is needed so that you can find visitors. A domain consists of a name (such as Hoasted) and an extension or TLD (such as .com), which together form a unique address (hoasted.com).

If you already have a domain name with another hosting provider, it can be transferred to Hoasted, so that you can fully use the benefits of management, price and support. To transfer a domain we need three things, which we explain in detail below:

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How domain transfer works

At a domain transfer the administrator of your domain name changes, while the owner of the domain name (that is, you) remains the same. The person or body that can initiate and implement a transfer of a domain name is the owner of the domain name. The process below outlines the steps you need to take for a smooth domain transfer.

Request the transfer code (or token / auth code or EPP code) of your domain from your current provider. This unique code is required to transfer a domain to another administrator or provider. Also check that no relocation lock is active, so that nothing prevents the relocation. If you do not know how to request a relocation code from your current provider, send the relevant support department the following e-mail:


I would like to move the domain names below from my customer account to another provider. Could you send me the relocation codes for this and also check if there is no longer a relocation slot active on these domains?

- jouwomeinnaamhier.nl
- nogeendomeinnaam.nl
- etc

Look forward to seeing them and thanks in advance for your help!


When you have received the removal code, you can start the ordering process on our website. If you do not have a customer account yet, you can do that create. Then log in to your customer account, go to 'order' and click on transfer domain. Enter your domain and enter the transfer code that you received from your current provider. After the completion of your domain transfer order, the transfer will be initiated.

In certain cases (usually with .com, .org, .info and .net) the owner / holder receives a request for confirmation of relocation by e-mail. After confirming, the move will start. As long as you have not received an e-mail from Hoasted about successful domain transfer, old settings will remain. 

With most extensions such as .nl, .be, .eu and .de, removals go immediately (within an hour). Other extensions such as .com and .org can last up to 7 days. Upon successful completion of the domain transfer, you will automatically receive an e-mail confirmation. From that moment on, new institutions are usually active within a few hours at most.

domain transfer in bulk prices

Domain portfolio management

We regularly receive comments from customers or partners who work with multiple domain providers that management in different environments entails a lot of work and is also more expensive. 

It often seems like a lot of work and risk to place a portfolio of domain names with one provider, but the opposite is true. We have various tools and automated processes to transfer large amounts of domain names seamlessly and securely.

Do you still have domain names elsewhere and do you want to know what the possibilities are for you, please contact our support. One of our moving experts will help you personally and without obligation with the possibilities.

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Included benefits

When you manage domains at Hoasted, you get so much more than just domains. We ensure that you get the most out of your domain registration. Whether the domain is directly linked to hosting, or is only used to receive email or website forwarding. We offer you the tools with every domain registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need from me?

We need the domain name and the transfer code of the domain to transfer your domain.

What types of domain names can I transfer?

We can transfer all domain names (ie .nl, .com, .eu, .info and thousands of others) to us.

Can I transfer my domain without purchasing a website?

You can indeed transfer your domain without having taken out a website subscription with us.

Can I make DNS changes myself?

Yes, as soon as your domain has been moved and linked to your website, you can make DNS changes.

How fast does a domain transfer go?

The speed varies per type of domain. A .be domain is transferred immediately, a .nl domain lasts a maximum of one hour and, for example, a .com, .net and .org domain usually last around 5 to 7 days.