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What is a domain name?

A domain name is your own web address for your website. You can compare it with a street address, necessary to be found online. It exists of a name (like Hoasted) and an extension or TLD (like .com), which form together the complete domain name ( As soon as you register a domain name with us, you are the only owner of your unique website address.

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New domain extensions

Lately thousands of new extensions have been launched, like .amsterdam, .shop, .hotel, .club, etcetera. Take your chance and register the domain names you choose in combination with a large list of extensions you can choose.

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How a domain transfer functions

You transfer a domain if you want to switch to another hosting provider. You change the company where you have registered your domain name, where as the owner of the domain name (you) remains the same. The only one who can initiate a domain name transfer is the owner of the domain name. The process below describes the steps you have to take in order to have your domain transferred smoothly.

Step 1

Contact your current provider

Just let your current provider know that you are going to transfer your domain to another provider. Request them to send you the Domain Authorisation Code (also known as transfer code, transfer token or EPP code). This is necessary to transfer the domain. Also ask them to remove any transfer lock if in use. In that way there is nothing that can prevent the transfer.
Step 2

Start ordering domain

Once you received the transfer code, you can start ordering on our website. Type in your domain name and click transfer. There you fill in the transfer code you received from your current provider. The ordering process must be completed before the domain transfer process can start.

Step 3

Confirm the transfer

For some extensions like .com a confirmation email is send to the admin contact in the WHOIS  to verify that the transfer is legitimate. Be ware that the email address in the WHOIS of your domain is correct and that the owner of the domain knows that the email is coming, so the transfer can be confirmed. Confirm the transfer when you receive the email.
Step 4

Start migration

Dependent on the extension and your current registrant, the migration process can take anything between less than an hour up to 7 days. In this phase there is nothing you have to do. Once the transfer has been completed successfully, you receive an e-mail to confirm that. As of that moment the domain transfer process has been completed and you can go ahead.