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Save big on extensions like .com, .nl, .net, .org, and get some new domains like .xyz, .club, .guru, .email, .link, .online and more!

It starts with a domain

Do you want to register a domain or set up a website? Every online project always starts with a domain. It's the first thing people see when they visit you online. You want to make sure that you make the best possible impression.

With Hoasted you have the possibility to choose from almost all possible extensions, almost 1300 different ones. So you can get all popular extensions with us such as .nl, .com and .be, but also more exotic ones such as .accountant, .top or .shop.

Popular Domain extensions
Popular Domain Extensions

What is a domain name?

A domain name is your own web address for your website and e-mail. You can compare it with an address that you need to be found on the internet. A domain name is unique and can only be claimed and used by one person or company.

A domain name consists of a name (such as Hoasted) and an extension / TLD (such as .com), this together forms the complete domain name ( As soon as you register a domain name with us, you will be the sole owner of your unique website address.


Opportunities to get started

When you are ready, there are three different ways to get started with your domain name: when ordering a hosting service directly register or transfer your domain, register a new domain separately or transfer an existing domain separately.

With HOSTING package

When ordering a hosting package you also directly arrange your domain registration or transfer. Popular options:

  1. WordPress hosting
  2. Web hosting
  3. WooCommerce hosting
  4. Microsoft Office 365 (e-mail only)
  5. Google Workspace (e-mail only)
  6. Email only hosting (e-mail only)
Need help? Ask our support advise you free of obligation with the right choice.
register new domain name

Register new domain
without hosting package

The moment you don't have a domain name yet, you start by finding a suitable name. For example,, .eu or .com. You search using the search bar above, where you see which domain names with which extension are still available.

After you have found a suitable and available domain, register a domain for a year. The price depends on the chosen extension and can be from a few euros per year. The domain remains yours as long as you continue to renew it annually.
move existing domain name

Transfer existing domain
without hosting package

If you already have a domain name with another hosting provider, you can go to Moving hoasted. For this you need the so-called transfer code (also called EPP code or token). With this code you or our support can do the transfer.

You can request the relocation code via the customer portal or support department of your current host. You enter this code during the ordering process that you start when you click on the button below or when you order a hosting service.

New domain name extensions

More than a thousand new extensions have recently been added, such as .amsterdam, .shop, .hotel, .club, etc. Take your chance now and register domain names of your choice with your company or project name in combination with a large selection of new ones domain name extensions.

Hoasted has all existing ones extensions immediately available to you. We can even reserve extensions that have not yet been launched. Do you have a question, a special request or would you like advice about the possibilities, contact our support.

Why your own domain name?

You want to make a professional impression by showing your name or brand online. A website or e-mail address under its own domain makes this possible, whether for personal or business use.
Take control of what people see when they look for you. With your own website address people can find you online quickly and easily, for example in search engines such as Google or Bing.
Be ahead of your competition with a unique and personal website address. Protect your brand today by claiming the domain name that represents you or your brand.
Get started right away or need help with your choice?

Get started immediately

With your own domain name you take the first step to expand your personal or business project. With more than 1300 extensions, the possibilities of what you can do online are endless.

Easy control panel

Easily set up and manage your domains with the control panel. Domains and email addresses can be forwarded free of charge and you get full access to the DNS data and MX settings.