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Let us help you migrate to Hoasted. Sit back and relax while your domain, website (and optionally e-mail) will be moved to Hoasted by real people. Seamless transfers, without downtime. We do all the work for you. Fast and painless.

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What we need

To have the migration to be as smooth as possible, we need you to give us some data.

1. FTP access

To move your current website or webshop, we need the FTP data.

2. Domain transfer code

To be able to transfer your domain names, we need the so called transfer code (also known as transfer token or EPP code). You can ask your current host for these. Besides you have to ask them to remove a transfer lock in case that is active for the domain(s) in question.

3. DNS access

In case you want us to move your website (and email) without downtime, we also need access to your current DNS settings. These are the domain settings, which can be adapted from the old hosting package or the customer panel of your old provider.

4. Email account logins (optional)

If you would like to have your email accounts to be moved also, we also need the data for that. We will transfer all your folders, emails and attachments to your new hosting package.

5. Other data or specifications (optional)

Are there any special settings in your website with which we have to take into account? Don’t forget to mention that. You may think of things like an Extended Validation SSL certificate, CloudFlare, CDN or transactional email. When transferring, we will set that up for you as well.

Request input from a specialist

Don’t know which packets fits you best? Ask our hosting experts to take a look with you to see which packet is best for your business.

Searching for custom made hosting?


Do you need more than one account, or are you searching for a special set up for your business? We understand! Let us make a custom made proposal that exactly meets your wishes.

Take a look at our technical specifications

Searching more details? For the sake of completeness we have put together the frequently asked questions about our hosting packages and our platform.