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Request a proposal

Great that you are interested in our services. Define in the below form with what we can help you and we will get back with an interesting proposal. If you prefer we can call you to be sure about your wishes and what we can do to achieve these. Hoasted supports you with your thought process and gives you as well advice about how your website can be even faster and improve it’s effectiveness.

Request input of a specialist

Don’t know which packet fits you best? Ask your question to our hosting experts and we will help you in your thought process and define which packets is best for your business.

Searching for custom made hosting?

Do you need more than one account, or are you searching for a special set up for your business? We understand! Let us make a custom made proposal that exactly meets your wishes.

Take a look at our technical specifications

Searching more details? For the sake of completeness we have put together the frequently asked questions about our hosting packages and our platform.