The best website performance with NVMe hosting

What is NVMe technology (Non-Volatile Memory Express)?

In fact, NVMe is the latest storage device logical interface that brings some significant benefits. When web hosting servers use NVMe storage drives, we call this NVMe web hosting within the industry. Despite the fact that a large proportion of modern web hosting servers already use SSD storage, they still rely on SATA connections that have actually been adapted to servers that previously used traditional HDD storage drives.

NVMe can handle up to 64,000 outstanding applications. SATA, on the other hand, does not offer this support and can only handle 32 outstanding requests. NVMe is therefore considerably faster than SATA, which results in significantly improved website speeds and performance for websites.

What is NVMe hosting?

NVMe hosting is web hosting that uses the latest NVMe hardware. In addition, the LiteSpeed technology ensures the fastest possible hosting currently on the market. The storage space and processing of data is therefore in the latest way and with the latest hardware available on the market! This makes it possible to give websites running on NVMe hosting an extra speed boost when it comes to loading times and processing of processes that do not work with LiteSpeed. 

The latter also contributes to a reduction in bounce rates and to increase eCommerce conversions. Also when it comes to Google search results and advertising costs with AdWords, NVMe storage in combination with LiteSpeed technology helps you get the most out of it!

Differences and Features (NVMe vs HDD and SSD)

The main difference between traditional SATA storage and NVMe SSDs is that SATA runs at a speed limit of 600MBps, whereas NVMe storage can handle 32000MBps of bandwidth thanks to a more efficient way of working.

SATA drives communicate via a SATA controller while NVMe are connected directly to the motherboard and can communicate directly with the processor with the processors. As a result, no less than 64,000 requests per second can be processed, where SATA can only process 32 per second.

The main advantages of NVMe hosting

One of the main advantages of NVMe storage is that it speeds up various processes and unloading of files that cannot be cached. Consider, for example, dynamic content, background processes of systems and products within web stores, as much of this content is dynamic.

This results on average, even compared to standard SSD storage, up to 7x faster reading of data and 30x faster writing of data on websites and web applications. With this we put the proverbial finishing touches when it comes to speed and performance!

For more information on the fastest WordPress, see NVMe hosting packages overview or feel free to Contact us, we usually respond to office hours within 18 minutes on average!


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