PHP 7.3 available

New versions are regularly released at PHP. PHP 7.3 was published in December and Hoasted was one of the first providers in the Netherlands to make this available to its users. We advise users to test whether their website (s) is already working with this new version, because it is faster than the previous one and now almost three times faster than PHP 5.6 and 9% faster then PHP 7.2!

WordPress and PHP 7.3

WordPress supports PHP 7.3 from version 5.0. We do recommend that if you have already updated to WordPress version 5, test whether everything works properly with PHP 7.3 (also with the chosen theme and the plugins used). For sites that are crucial, you can first do that in a staging version to prevent any downtime. If the website works with PHP 7.3, then your site is faster than ever, especially if you have taken other speed-enhancing measures such as activating the LiteSpeed cache plugin and compressing images. Look at the Hoasted speed optimization page For more information.

How to change the PHP version to 7.3

In your cPanel go to Software> Select PHP version:

Then change the PHP version to 7.3 and click Set as current and finally at the bottom Save.


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