Optimize images in bulk with the new Hoasted image optimizer

Introduction Hoasted Image Optimizer

Optimizing images is a very important part of achieving the best loading times and achieving higher search engine findability. To do this you can use various (paid) optimization tools within WordPress, for example, but it is better to do this in bulk within your cPanel hosting account.

For quite some time we have been offering all our customers the opportunity to optimize images in bulk based on the command line. However, working with the command line is something that is relatively difficult for users who do not program much or who want to spend less time on code.

To make image optimization easier, we have therefore launched a visual image optimization tool called the Hoasted image optimizer. This is available free of charge within every cPanel hosting account at Hoasted (and also in the reseller hosting). That way, everyone can easily and quickly optimize all images in a website in bulk.

How does the image optimization work?

Using our cPanel Image Optimizer, you can automatically optimize all your images in your cPanel account to minimize their size and thus reduce loading time. The tool removes invisible image information and applies highly efficient compression techniques. This saves 50% or more, greatly improving your image loading times. The image optimization tool compresses the most common image formats, including PNG, JPEG and GIF, which are supported by all browsers.

Use the new Image Optimizer

To use the new image optimization tool, log in to your Hoasted cPanel and k firstlick the blue Image Optimizer icon:

Select the folder / file location whose images you want to optimize. We automatically make a suggestion for you of the detected WordPress installations and / or upload folders in your account.
After selecting the folder you want to optimize, click on 'optimize' to get started. During the optimization you will see a live representation of the process and how many images can still be optimized.
Upon completion, our tool shows the number of images optimized and the total number and percentage you optimized and saved.

Use optimizer via CLI (developers)

We have also set up a CLI version of the Image Optimizers especially for developers. These are command line commands that you can use from your terminal in cPanel or your own environment (Putty, iTerm or Terminal for example).
Optimize existing folder:

hoptimizer optimize ./
PNG and JPEG and GIF compression of uploads folder:

hoptimizer optimize ~ / public_html / wp-content / uploads /

What is image optimization?

Optimizing images for your website is a process of delivering high quality images in the correct format, size, size and resolution while maintaining the smallest possible size. The smaller your images are in size, the faster they can be unloaded by your website visitors on different types of devices.


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