Free use of images: Stock Photos

Stock Photos

Stock Photos are images that you can use freely on your website without having to pay copyright. The unauthorized use of photos that do have rights can lead to an invoice of thousands of euros, so it is important to arrange this properly.

Sites with free-to-use images for your website

Here are some excellent and extensive sites with free-to-use photos for your website, often with categories and search options:

    We have rightly placed stocksnap at number 1, they are also our favorite. They also get photos from other stock photo sites, have a very extensive collection and last but not least because of the many categories and the excellent search / sort options.
    Pexels has a large and well-organized collection of free photos. A good list of all kinds of topics will help you quickly on the way to relevant photos.
  3. Unsplash
    More than 300,000 beautiful high-resolution images from many photographers. Also interesting division into subjects. This is also recommended.
  4. Freerange
    Nice site with handy classification of main and subcategories. High resolution photos (4000 dpi).
  5. Pixabay
    Pixabay has a large collection of more than 1.5 million free photos and videos. Unfortunately only a relatively low number of categories, so there are very many photos per category.
  6. Picjumbo
    A somewhat smaller collection of free photos can be found at Picjumbo. Updated daily.
  7. Stockvault
    This is actually a paid photo site, but ten beautiful photos are made available free of charge per subcategory.

    A somewhat smaller collection of thousands of beautiful photos based on 7 sections.
  9. ISOrepublic
    High resolution photos in 20 categories, sometimes with thousands of photos per category.
  10. Cock wizard
    Large number of categories and excellent search option with more than 100,000 photos.


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