Best web design software for 2015

//Best web design software for 2015

Best web design software for 2015

Webdesign is hotter than ever, with more customers that want an online presence than any other time in history (surprise?). Webdesign is a very broad term than encompasses a while lot of disciplines. We’ll consider webdesign everything that has to do with building websites.

Our best webdesign software will be separated into the sub categories of:

  • Software tools
  • Design tools
  • Code frameworks
  • Helpful utilities

Software tools

Sublime Text 3 for code editing (Mac/Windows/Linux)

We love it because it:

  • Understands the syntax of most languages
  • Highlights code to make is easier to read (multiple color schemes)
  • Has an auto-indent feature
  • Has a huge database of plugins

Cyberduck ftp/sftp client (Mac)

It’s great because it:

  • Is can do pretty much all protocols
  • It connects to services like rackspace, S3, Google cloud storage and more
  • Beats Filezilla in stability
  • Integrates with Sublime Text

WinSCP ftp/sftp client (Windows)

Because it is:

  • Fast and reliable
  • Supports ftp and sftp (including agent forwarding)
  • Integrates with Sublime Text

Design tools

Sketch by Bohemian Coding (Mac)

Sketch is a graphic design program used for illustration and interface design.

Why we love it:

  • It is lightweight
  • It was built for this kind of design
  • You can export design as CSS (yes really!)

FlatUI Color palette (browser)

Yes, flat colors are not new but we love them anyway. This website has a lovely palette for you to use.

Why we love them:

  • Easy to use website
  • One overview of the palette
  • Click to copy HEX code

Google’s material design palette (browser)

If you think flat is too old, 2015 is the year of Google’s material design. They released a full color palette.

Why we love it:

  • It is very extensive
  • It has examples
  • It’s easy to use

Code frameworks

Twitter Bootstrap (HTML/CSS/jQuery)

If you have not used this before, try it immediately. It saves a lot of time and effort. Basically you include one css file, a js file and jQuery and a whole world of options opens up to you. The framework is built to be responsive and mobile friendly.

We love it because:

  • It saves a lot of time
  • It’s mobile-first
  • It has built in functions (like modals, effects, buttons)
  • Is fully customizable if needed
  • Is very well documented
  • Is used so much that users probably have it cached

WordPress (PHP/mySQL/CSS)

WordPress is a CMS system that can do anything. It started out as a blogging platform but with a free plugin or two can become a store, learning platform of social network.

We love it because it:

  • It can do anything
  • You can still touch all code
  • It is easy to use for your clients
  • It has a huge database of plugins

Helpful utilities

JSFiddle code preview (browser)

JSFiddle is a place where you can input HTML, CSS and Javascript to see what the result is. You can even load up external files (like bootstrap) and libraries. We use it to show eachother things, or to let others explain new things to us.

Why we love it:

  • Nice and clean interface
  • No need to add <html> or <head> elements, just plug&play
  • You can share the result

CompressPNG and CompressJPG (browser)

Most images can be compressed without losing quality. If you are willing to let go of some quality you can reduce image size by as much as 90%! These websites help you compress images without needing to install anything on your computer.

We love this because:

  • It is so user friendly
  • Compressing images has huge speed benefits
  • There is a png and jpeg version



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