Best eCommerce Plugin for WordPress 2015

//Best eCommerce Plugin for WordPress 2015

Best eCommerce Plugin for WordPress 2015

While WordPress was originally a blogging platform it has become far more. Many people choose it over Magento for eCommerce applications since it is faster out of the box and more user friendly.

There are numerous eCommerce plugins available for WordPress, some popular ones are:

  • WooCommerce
  • WP E-Commerce
  • JigoShop

In our opinion the best eCommerce plugin for WordPress for 2015 is WooCommerce. Here’s why.


WooCommerce is really easy to get the hang of. Everything is very intuitive and works pretty much straight after installation.

This plugin was made by the guys from WooThemes, who have years of experience in what customers want. Basically WooCommerce is what happens when you let a professional template design company make an eCommerce plugin:

  • It works smoothly
  • It looks good
  • It’s easy to use

Even if you have not used WooCommerce before, adding a product or coupon is as simple as creating a post or page.

Speed and compatibility with speed plugins

We’ve seen many eCommerce platforms at Hoasted. Continually Magento is one of the slowest systems around. WooCommerce however functions as fast as a regular WordPress website or blog.

In fact if you use a caching plugin like W3 (see speed checklist) it is aware of you installing WooCommerce and warns you to change some settings in order to ensure speed and usability.


Some people are afraid that a WooCommerce website can’t handle bigger databases of products. This is not the case. it is no issue at all to have 100+ products in a WooCommerce store. Especially if you implement security best-practices.

Payment integrations

Because WooCommerce is so big, many payment providers have a WooCommerce plugin. PayPal is supported by default, but most other payment providers either release a plugin themselves or have a free plugin available from the WordPress plugin database.


WooCommerce was made so that webdesigners can customize every aspect. This includes basic stuff like a good class and id structure for CSS, but also the formatting of customer emails is supported by the framework.

Built in functions

WooCommerce has a number of features that make it as versatile as it is:

  • Coupons
  • Customer reviews (including ‘verified customer’ reviews)
  • Variable products (S, M, L t-shirts for example)
  • Tax calculations
  • Shipping calculations based on weight/location
  • Downloadable products (with download links that expire)
  • Virtual products (like services)
  • And far more

Available plugins

Since this eCommerce plugin is so big, it also has a huge database of plugins. WooThemes themselves make plugins which are generally quite expensive in our opinion, but there are usually free alternatives available in the WordPress plugin database.

International compatibility

WooCommerce lets you choose:

  • your base country
  • currency
  • currency display style
  • language
  • tax settings
  • what countries you ship to
  • shipping costs to different countries

Basically it is built to work all over the world.

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