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What is transactional email?

While communicating with your client some emails can’t be categorized as regular ‘person to person’ communication. Think about confirmation emails, password resets, website updates and marketing emails like newsletters.

When is it necessary?

By default all emails are being sent from your websites/applications regular hosting account. When the amount of emails grows, of when you’re sending out newsletters, the regular mailboxes aren’t suitable anymore. With transactional email you can send all marketing, website and application-emails not just fast, but safe and without reaching the safety-limits as well!

Packages and pricing

Transactionele email packages

With Hoasted transactional email all emails are being sent by a different, specially configured email server, without it affecting delivery-ratio or website/domain reputation. A must have for webshops, sending newsletters or with growing use of your website or application. Send big volumes very fast and track them with extensive usage-statistics.

Mailpro 10 (up to 10.000 e-mails a month) €4,99
Mailpro 25 (up to 25.000 e-mails a month) €9,99
Mailpro 50 (up to 50.000e-mails a month) €19,99
Mailpro 100 (up to 100.000 e-mails a month) €39,99
From 100.000 e-mails a month Contact us
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Optional extra services

Add and configure external SMTP on your website
one time fee of €39,-

Installation MailPoet newsletter with basic templates
one time fee of €99,-

Adding a newsletters signup on your website
one time fee of €49,-

Custom newsletter template
one time fee of €99,-