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Extra secure DNS with Premium DNS

Do you want extra secured DNS? Use the Hoasted Premium DNS. This uses DNSSEC,
so abuse of the DNS of your domain is prevented!

Premium DNS

Using DNSSEC Premium DNS makes sure that the DNS information of your domain is safe. DNS is the system in which is defined on which server for example visitors can see your website and to which server the email of your domain has to be delivered. Forging of a DNS request (with which visitors will arrive at a fraudulent website) will be prevented this way.

Frequently asked questions

When Premium DNS?

When you make use of our Premium DNS, we will directly set up this on the base of IPv4, IPv6 and DNSSEC. So all DNS requirements are met for a 100% score on

What is DNSSEC?

DNSSEC is an addition to the Domain Name System (DNS). It fixes a number of vulnerabilities in DNS, so the ‘road markings’ of the internet get safer and more trustful. Activating DNSSEC on your domain thus ensures your domain name is extra protected agains abuse.

What is DNS?

DNS is short for Domain Name System, the base of the internet. With DNS all traffic on the internet is regulated. All servers on the internet have a unique number: the IP address. DNS makes sure that wherever you use domain names in your e-mail or browser, that that will be translated to the IP address of the server in question (where the e-mail or website runs). If you type for example , a rocket speed search request is done for the IP address: Your browser sends then the request for that website to that IP address and the website will show up in the browser.

What DNSSEC does

DNSSEC is the abbreviation of Domain Name System Security Extensions, extra secured DNS. DNSSEC adds a digital signature to the DNS protocol, so it will be much more difficult to falsify the results of a DNS request. Technically speaking: this happens by using an encryption with a public and a private key. DNSSEC is thus for domain names what SSL is for websites.

Why use DNSSEC?

Falsifying the results of a DNS query could mean that a user ends up on a forged website or mail server, without noticing himself. Hackers do that by for example copying websites of banks and using hacked computers or WIFI networks change the DNS for that bank to the hacked website, so thy get the data of the victim bank customers.

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