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Cloud Storage

To have access to a backup of all your important files is crucial. And that access should be independent of where ever you are or behind which computer/tablet/mobile phone you are working. That is why it is a good idea to start using Cloud Storage. Your files are in a private area on a server on the internet where only you have access using your username and password.

Your files always available

Also if your computer, tablet or mobile phone crashes: your files are still available. Always and from any where in the world!


Save backups and files in the cloud

Whenever the need arises to let a local PC, NAS or other form of data copy data to a cloud on a daily basis, CloudStorage is ideal. No changes are made to the way files are handled or the file structure, it’s just that everything gets copied onto an external storage device. In this way your files are always safe.

Price per month
100GB €5,99
500GB €11,99
1TB €19,99
2TB €29,99
5TB €39,99
10TB €79,99

Every account comes with an (s)FTP login.