Money back guarantee

At Hoasted, we strive for 100% satisfaction from all our customers. If, despite the fact that we do our best to offer you the very best, you as a customer are not satisfied with our hosting services, we offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

In this way, as a new customer you can purchase a hosting account or service without obligation and you can be sure that you have been helped further. If it is not what you are looking for, contact our support to indicate this and you will simply receive the costs for the purchased hosting services back.

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How does it work?

You let us know within 30 days of ordering via that you want to use the money back guarantee and you explain to us why. If we cannot solve this for you and you still decide that you want to cancel the purchase, we will immediately delete all data. Credit the eligible payment for hosting to the original payment method used within 5 business days.


The purpose of the warranty is to show you what performance and service we actually offer with our new hardware. Unfortunately, there are situations where our good intentions are abused and we incur unnecessary costs, which is why we apply some rules and conditions to the 'money back guarantee': 

Who is the guarantee for?
The warranty applies for new customers and intended to show that we actually deliver what we proclaim: the highest possible hosting performance. For existing customers does the warranty apply to a service category that you try for the first time. If you already have a similar service, the guarantee does not apply.

On which services?
The guarantee is 100% applicable to all Web hosting, WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, Reseller hosting and email-only hosting packages from Hoasted, regardless of the period ordered. Bee LiteSpeed VPS, WooCommerce VPS or Custom VPS the warranty for 50% applies, given the amount of licensing costs associated with a VPS creation. Non-hosting services such as domain names, SSL, VPS license add-ons, CDN, transactional email, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and Dropbox for Business, among others, are excluded. This guarantee is also excluded for any canceled and restored hosting accounts (all types).

Dropshipping and data feed exception
It is important to choose the right hosting solution and resources that match the resource needs of the application or website, to avoid 30 people in a four seater car trying to transport. In addition, any problems in your code with another provider may also be present on our hosting environment. We go very far in the included optimisations, however, we do not solve the code issues in your website free of charge as part of our hosting offer. In such situations, however, we always think in terms of options and point out where the problem is in your code or website anyway. For this reason, dropshipping and data feed related shops are unfortunately excluded from the money back guarantee.


  • Hoasted reserves the right to assess and refuse the request for a refund if there is suspected abuse of the warranty.
  • Hoasted reserves the right to change the terms of the warranty or to withdraw the warranty in its entirety. Any changes will be published on this page.