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Green hosting

We care about the environment

Green technology

Within the IT branch a lot of energy is being used 24/7 in order to keep hardware up and running, as websites need to be online permanently. Servers, routers, networksystems, datacenter cooling, graphic cards, processors, it all adds up. That’s not green, though a lot of companies in our branch make an effort to deliver energy neutral hosting.

Apart from the fact that we use green energy, our servers are water and air cooled (instead of using electricity), and the datacenters where our servers are located are among the most energy efficient in our branch because we care a lot about the environment. On top of that our datacenters don’t make use of airconditioning because of the smart green airflow setup. This means the need for energy is less than half in comparison to a traditional datacenter.

Good to know:

  • The PUE index of our datacenters is between 1 and 1,2

  • We make use of energy saving SSD disks

  • Our datacenters don’t make use of airconditioning

CO2 compensation

On top of our green technology we plant multiple trees every year. We do this together with Stichting Trees for All. Together we make the world greener by making a stand against deforestation and taking care of a cleaner living environment.

Green and sustainable entrepreneurship

On top of our green technology we have a green policy within our team as well. Our employees have the possibility to work from home and/or a location close to home. In this way everybody can ride their bike to work, which helps the environment tremendously. When everybody is in the office we compensate the use of public transport en prefer carpooling over individual traveling. But we do so much more to be green:

  • Making use of recycled materials whenever possible

  • Minimalize the use of paper (we don’t send out paper invoices for example)

  • We only have one printer in the office, which is used only for essential print jobs

  • If we need a car we prefer to hire or lend one

  • Less waste, we don’t make use of plastic or paper cups for our coffee/tea

  • We work with energy saving systems as much as possible

Long story short, we are supporters of responsible entrepreneurship and try to make the right choices regarding sustainability. In the IT branch there is a lot of room for improvement and we love to lead the way. If you have any suggestions on how we can make our business even more sustainable or greener, please let us know!

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