4 Free Bootstrap Templates Download Sources

//4 Free Bootstrap Templates Download Sources

4 Free Bootstrap Templates Download Sources

Bootstrap is a very versatile HTML and CSS framework developed by the Twitter team. Bootstrap does not require a database like WordPress does, but in turn is a bit more technical in its usage.

In general we love developing on Bootstrap since it results in mobile responsive and fast loading websites.

There are numerous templates available for Bootstrap, you can download them on for example Themeforest or other marketplaces. Luckily there are also sources for free bootstrap templates.

Start Bootstrap

The templates on start bootstrap cover the needs of most designers. Some of them are ready to use, with images and fonts, where others require some more work to turn into a presentable website.

Our favorites are:

  • Creative because it uses design elements and subtle effects well
  • Clean blog because its design pulls the focus to content

The top right corner of start bootstrap does offer premium themes and services, but they are not forced on you. Neither are the free themes crippled in any way.

Bootstrap Zero

The bootstrap zero database is less selective than the start bootstrap one, but that also means it is bigger. It also includes a number of templates that are very basic, up to the point where we feel they were made purely to demonstrate certain bootstrap functionality.

Our favorites here are basically all of the designs on the front page. They are well done and presumably the most popular ones.


The name is a contraction of Boostrap and Swatch, where swatch is a reference to a color palette. The themes in here are not ready made fill-in-the-gap kind of templates. They are a collection of elements you can use to build your own page.

White not as user friendly as the other template databases, we applaud the presentation of different color styles.

Our favorite here is Fatly, purely because we are a fan of flat colors.


This website seems to use free templates as a way to pull in people potentially interested in premium templates. The free versions look good, though the pro versions look more versatile. On the plus side, even the paid templates are not very expensive.

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