Guaranteed the fastest
hosting with the best service.

Always the latest hardware and fastest software, which really helps you further. Hoasted is rated best on Trustpilot and your satisfaction is also guaranteed with us on all fronts.
Guaranteed the fastest
Thanks to the best hardware and software, your site always loads the fastest, with better search results and lower advertising costs as a result.
Safe and carefree
All your data is safe with us. No data can be lost, because we make up to 10 backups per day of all data and settings.
Great support
Our in-house team of experts is ready for you every day until 10.30 pm, also during the weekend. Fast, comprehensive and never a question too much.
Satisfied or money back
We go for your complete satisfaction. If you still want to cancel your hosting within 30 days, we will simply refund the money.
Included relocation service
With most hosting packages we move your website completely free of charge. Fast, without downtime and without any worries. Very easy!
Always scalable
All hosting can be easily adjusted and scaled with the growth of your business. We are ready and happy to help you!
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LiteSpeed hosting with NVMe

Guaranteed the fastest
Unlike other providers, we renew all hardware approximately every year. That's how you benefit permanent of the latest features and the maximum achievable performance for your websites.

Our current servers are based on the premium AMD Ryzen 9 7950x (brand new) processors with a clock speed of up to 5.7GHz (!), LiteSpeed Enterprise and 100% NVMe storage, so optimally arranged.
WordPress hosting LiteSpeed
Rated best on review sites with the best service.

Top rated customer service

Unprecedented, real support

We are eager to really help you. We deliver you every day of the week until 10.30 p.m. expert technical support, also during the weekend.

Help with all your questions, thinking along whenever possible and always options. And if it's easier, calling is not a problem at all.

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We get the most satisfaction from seeing our customers become more successful. Here's what they have to say about Hoasted and why they rate us a 9.8. Discover it for yourself or read more reviews.
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Our technical team members are available every day of the week.
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All the tools to make your work faster and smarter. From working in teams to tools such as bulk webP image compression and conversion.


We help you with all matters for which you have no time, desire or knowledge. From small fixes and debugging to complete installations.


With us you get full control and access to all the tools you need. From SSH, composer, GIT and NPM to the time-saving WP-CLI.

Everything for the best performance, ranking and conversion results. From dedicated IPs to comprehensive optimization services.

All services feature enterprise-level security and encryption. Our data centers also have the highest certifications such as ISO 27001 and PCI-DDS.

SOC-2 safety compliance
SOC-2 safety compliance
PCI DDS compliant hosting.
We only use ISO certified data centers.
PCI DDS compliant hosting.
We only use ISO certified data centers.
All data is housed in Western Europe and complies with all AVG and GDPR regulations.

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Several major brands entrust their hosting and online services to Hoasted.
From government to agencies, web builders and entrepreneurs.