Invoicing per calendar month

November 22nd, 2016All posts|

Recently it has become possible to receive invoices on a monthly basis. Fewer invoices mean less accounting and therefore it is easier! Normally, our customers receive a product invoice based on order date. If customers enable monthly billing, they do not receive an invoice based on product date, but based on calendar month. With monthly [...]

Typography and Web Design: Innovations in Trends and Concepts

August 24th, 2016Programming & design|

A flat design is back in the scene, and minimalism is currently a hit. In web design, typography is now a trend to follow. Typography and Web Design have been going hand in hand since the start of this year and the trend seems to be growing more and more strong as we move towards the [...]

How Does CSS Work?

April 25th, 2016Programming & design|

CSS (or Cascading Style Sheets) is a collection of formatting rules that manage the appearance of a webpage or an entire website. In general, CSS can reduce the time needed for designing your website. Instead of manually defining fonts, colors and sizes for elements in your website, you can standardize them, and apply styling to [...]

Hacking Creativity- The Scientific Way

October 5th, 2015All posts, Productivity & lifestyle|

You may have read a whole lot of articles on the internet explaining the creative process as a spiritual one; one that is intrinsic to man. You may have read about ways to increase your creativity using meditation and similar methods. While that is applicable to an extent, there's a scientific way of hacking creativity too! [...]

Color Trends in Web Design 2016

October 2nd, 2015All posts|

There is no denying that web design trends vary year after year. However, there is one thing that remains constant: the use of the right colors to keep readers fixated on the page. Right use of color is one of the foundations of web design theory. Designers view color as an effective tool for improving [...]

Getting Started With Bootstrap

September 15th, 2015All posts, Programming & design|

Unless you are a seasoned web developer, you might not have heard about Bootstrap. This article explains what it is and the basic usage of this simple web development tool. What is Bootstrap? When a business is starting up with limited capital or minimal financial resources, it is is called ‘bootstrapping’. This is the reason why [...]

Linux Commands that Everyone Should Know

September 13th, 2015All posts, Programming & design|

Linux might not be as popular an operating system that Windows or MAC but, it does have its established user base. It is important to know that Linux is not just an operating system meant to be used by geeks. It is in fact, capable of doing much more that what a simple Windows operating [...]

Working remotely from another country: digital nomads

September 7th, 2015All posts, Productivity & lifestyle|

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "Digital Nomad"? Traveling to exotic locations while earning great amounts of money, right?! Well, for those of you who are unaware of the term "Digital Nomad", a Digital Nomad is a person who uses technology to his benefit by working remotely [...]

How to Install a SSL Certificate on Your WordPress Site

August 28th, 2015All posts, Programming & design|

Every day, a huge amount of information is shared online. With more and more people switching to internet as their means of communication, banking and much more, many dark practices have also seeped into it. Hacking is not a new concept for people who have been using internet for some time. Such people would also [...]

How to Add Pay with a Tweet Button in WordPress

August 24th, 2015All posts, Programming & design|

If you are an avid internet user, you would have undoubtedly have come across a website or two that allows its visitors to pay using a tweet button. Now, if the novel idea has managed to pique your interest, read on and find out how you can use the same concept of using the tweet [...]